Big result for little and large’ series

Cromwell Lake The final match of the little and large series was fished on Saturday. There were still five anglers able to win the series and Saturday was a case of trying to balance catching big fish but still managing good small fish points . Ricky A

Cromwell Lake

The final match of the 'little and large' series was fished on Saturday. There were still five anglers able to win the series and Saturday was a case of trying to balance catching big fish but still managing good 'small fish points'. Ricky Ashwell with 44lb 6oz had the best catch of big fish by far but was only 7th in the small fish competition. Stan had the best small fish net but couldn't snare a big fish and it was comparative newcomer Keith Ellington who won the day and the series. He finished with a total of 73 points with Ricky Ashwell, Graham Gooddraw and Stan each just a further point behind.

The format has been interesting and will probably be repeated for a future short series but the Saturday matches will revert to normal from this week.

RESULT: (Saturday) 1 Keith Ellington 20pts, 2 Ricky Ashwell 19pts, 3 Vince Hull 18pts, 4 Dave Silsby 17pts

Small Fish: Stan Binge 6lb 8oz Big Fish: Ricky Ashwell 44lb 6oz

Series: 1 Keith Ellington 73pts, 2 Ricky Ashwell 72pts, 3 Graham Gooddraw 71pts, 4 Stan Binge 70pts

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Wednesday Evening Open

The weather was poor again on Wednesday evening with rain starting to coincide with the start of the match and temperatures lower than for weeks. There were nevertheless some good weights with the winner Graham Gooddraw and Josh Pace both catching over 20lb. Josh was especially pleased to catch the biggest fish of his short career, a 20lb common carp.

RESULT: 1 Graham Gooddraw Brampton 25lb 10oz, 2 Josh Pace VDE Stanjay MG 20lb 2oz, 3 Steve Ashwell St Neots 16lb, 4 Keith Ellington 13lb 13oz

St Ives AS

The final round of the Thursday Evening Competition, the Coote Cup was fished in 'A' section last week. Chris Geeson has been the man in form in recent matches but early successes for Tony McGregor enabled him to just stay in the lead and win the series. His nearest challenger in the end was Paul Ashcroft who has been consistent throughout.

The final match saw a win for Chris Geeson but with Tony second and Paul third he finished third in the series. For the top three, all the fish were roach caught on wheat or tares apart for a 2lb 10oz perch for Paul Ashcroft.

RESULT: 1 Chris Geeson 9lb, 2 Tony McGregor 8lb 2oz, 3 Paul Ashcroft 6lb

Series: 1 Tony McGregor 55pts, 2 Paul Ashcroft 53pts, 3 Chris Geeson 47pts

Sunday's club match was also fished in 'A' section and was won by Tony Nesbit with 10lb 12oz from Chris Geeson and Paul Ashcroft.

RESULT: 1 Tony Nesbit 10lb 12oz, 2 Chris Geeson 7lb 8oz, 3 Paul Ashcroft 3lb 1oz

Ramsey AS

The final match of the Thursday Tankard series was fished at Black Mill last week. Series leader Josh Pace was overtaken at the last hurdle by Paul Kilby with Paul's second place finish giving him just enough advantage over Josh who was sixth on the night. He has nevertheless done extremely well in view if his age and comparitive inexperience.

RESULT: 1 Duncan Folkes 6lb, 2 Paul Kilby 4lb 1oz, 3 Frank Bevilaqua 3lb 8oz

Series: 1 Paul Kilby 70pts, 2 Josh Pace 69pts, 3 Keith Rayment 67pts

Paul Kilby won the match and the golden peg from end peg away from the church at Ramsey St Marys on Sunday. He caught a tench, a bream and bits for 11lb 12oz. Harry Young notably absent from recent results caught a tench for 2lb 1oz!

RESULT: 1 Paul Kilby 11lb 12oz, 2 Andrew Kilby 8lb 5oz, 3 Duncan Folkes 7lb 9oz

Benwick AC

Burtons Bank was Sunday's venue and Kevin Gaunt made the most of drawing the golden peg winning by a long way. He caught three tench, four bream and skimmers to weigh in 23lb 14oz.

RESULT: 1 Kevin Gaunt 23lb 14oz, 2 Dave Porter 6lb 13oz, 3 Tony Ingram 5lb 15 1/2 oz

St Neots AS

Result of the Fryer/Baker trophy fished at Wilden Reservoir on Saturday: 1 Mark Rayner 24lb 4oz, 2 Jean-Paul Thomas 18lb 9oz, 3 Keith West 10lb 4oz

Lawn Farm

The participants at the Golden Rod matches are proving to be a hardy bunch regardless of the weather conditions. This week it was very gusty winds that were the problem. The top two weights were very close with Mick Burge just 5oz ahead of Dennis Holliday.

RESULT: 1 Mick Burge St Neots 24lb 14oz, 2 Dennis Holliday Biggleswade 24lb 9oz, 3 John King Royston 13lb 2oz

Grahams Pond

The final qualifying place for the King of the Pond went to Pete Coles when he won Sunday's match from peg 23. With the bigger fish not showing, he won a close battle with a net of small tench and crucians plus one bigger carp.

RESULT: 1 Pete Coles Offord & Buckden 6lb 14oz, 2 Graham Marsh 6lb 2oz, 3 Steve Webb 5lb 14oz

Head Fen

Saturday Result: 1 Russell Blackshields 122lb 8oz, 2 Matt Collerson 90lb, 3 Ben Lawrence Cambs 74lb 8oz

Sunday Result: 1 Matt Collerson 95lb 8oz, 2 Dave Carter 89lb, 3 Geoff Hunt 75lb 12oz

Yorkshire Baits Match - Boddington

This annual event was sponsored by Yorkshire baits with 43 anglers taking part. With the weather much cooler than of late fishing was hard for many although winner Barry Mason caught an impressive 230lb 3oz.

RESULT: 1 Barry Mason Ringers Bait 230lb 3oz, 2 Graham Hall Luton 198lb 4oz, 3 Terry Cherowbrier Doncaster 112lb 5oz, 4 Mark Coleman Luton 99lb 7oz

Sections: Ray Best Yorkshire Baits, Bert Lidden March, Tony Taylor Luton

Godmanchester AS

The club need a bailiff especially for the recreation ground in Godmanchester. The job would suit someone retired or possibly on shift work. If interested please call in at Stanjay Sports or phone 01480 453303.