ATHLETICS: BRJ man Hudson and Riverside lady O’Regan are the pick of the locals in Cambridge race

David Hudson of BRJ was the leading local in the Cambridge Half Marathon.

David Hudson of BRJ was the leading local in the Cambridge Half Marathon. - Credit: Archant

The heavy snow cleared in time for the big Cambridge Half Marathon to go ahead on Sunday – and local runners turned out in force.

Sabrina Crothall of BRJ impressed in the Cambridge Half Marathon.

Sabrina Crothall of BRJ impressed in the Cambridge Half Marathon. - Credit: Archant

Huntingdon BRJ Run & Tri, Hunts AC and Riverside Runners were all strongly represented among a 7,000-plus field.

BRJ man David Hudson continued his terrific run of form by being the first finisher from this area as he crossed the line in sixth position. His fine time of 1:10.06 also earned him second place in the M35-39 age bracket.

Other performances of note by BRJ members came from Robert Farrant (141st in 1:22.37) and Russ Tuit (219th in 1:25.04) while Gary Nichols took second spot in the M65-69 category with 1:39.42.

Sabrina Crothall was the club’s leading lady. She was the 17th female finisher (and 343rd overall) in 1:27.44 and clubmates Shelley Duffy (1:37.50) and Paula Elliott (1:41.11) were also among the first 200 women.

Johanna O’Regan of Riverside was the star local lady. She was fourth female to finish – and first in the F35-39 section - as a personal best of 1:21.23 secured 106th position overall.

Rodrigo Santos was the St Neots club’s leading man as he finished 87th in 1:20.15 only a week after delivering a big personal best in a marathon in Spanish city Seville.

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James Shiner also inside the top 100 with his 1:20.25 effort earning 94th spot. Russ Hewitt, Rob Moir, Ian Moran, Michael Ball, Adam Harris and Emma Evans all posted new bests in the event.

Darren Matthews led the Hunts AC challenge when knocking almost three-and-a-half minutes off his previous best for the half-marathon distance.

Matthews was 56th in 1:17.32 while the club’s second finisher, Rod McKee, also set a new personal best by 69 seconds when taking 98th place in 1:20.34.

All finishers were promoted one place after the winner of the race – Jack Gray – was disqualified for running under the name of his work boss Andrew Rawlings!

* Annette Newton finished second in the F65-69 age group in 1:52.01 as nine BRJ members took part in the inaugural Vitality Big Half race in London, starting on Tower Bridge and finishing beside the Cutty Sark.


Local results

Huntingdon BRJ Run & Tri: David Hudson 1:10.06, Robert Farrant 1:22.37, Russ Tuit 1:25.04, Sabrina Crothall 1:27.44, Marc Wall 1:27.30, Harrison Evans 1:27.35, Neil Jarvis 1:27.41, Chirag Godhania 1:28.00, Paul Mitton 1:32.35, Ian Shipley 1:33.46, Gilles Corby 1:34.48, Marco Wassersleben 1:35.12, David Ward 1:37.14, Mark Elliott 1:37.49, Shelley Duffy 1:37.50, Guy Forster 1:39.39, Gary Nichols 1:39.42, Thomas Mann 1:40.55, Paula Elliott 1:41.11, Sarah-Jane Gardner 1:44.05, Ian Wilson 1:44.43, Melanie Wiffin 1:45.01, Matthew Cann 1:47.29, Terry Elvin 1:48.01, Cheryl Hannibal 1:48.09, Frank Holmes 1:48.36, Louize Eziuol 1:48.41, Alison Orrell 1:49.38, Ruth Foster 1:50.34, Sarah Watts 1:51.24, Claire Ashton 1:51.48, Sharon Saunders 1:52.00, Jeremy Lay 1:52.58, Jude Newham 1:54.15, Dan Ainscow 1:54.21, Joanne Muff 2:00.11, Dave Lawrence 2:02.29, Jason Hall 2:03.27, David Pinnington 2:04.44, Joanna Cooper 2:06.54, Jacqui Moore 2:07.26, John Batchelor 2:09.01, Kathryn Heath 2:09.05, Mark Chalkley 2:09.08, Janine Clarke 2:09.08, Alice Edwards 2:10.18, Fiona Greig 2:10.23, Sue Yendley 2:10.24, Colin West 2:10.34, Tony Farrow 2:11.26, Grace Stanley 2:13.09, Juliet Corby 2:14.01, Darren Muff 2:14.07, Katherine Ireson 2:15.18, Clive Best 2:17.42, Tracey Bousfield 2:19.14, Julie Holmes 2:21.21, Jackie Wren 2:24.40, Martin Wren 2:24.41, Jade Wren 2:24.41, Anna Best 2:25.46, Maureen Wickson 2:27.03, Nicola Webber 2:27.05, Leonard Kirkby 2:32.23, David Gibbons 2:33.47, Sarah Oakley-Mudge 2:35.16, Linda Crook 2:47.29.

Riverside Runners: Rodrigo Santos 1:20.05 (PB), James Shiner 1:20.25, Johanna O’Regan 1:21.23 (PB), Russ Hewitt (PB) 1:25.24, Rob Moir 1:26.51 (PB), Ian Moran 1.27.06 (PB), Michael Ball 1:27.13 (PB), Adam Harris 1:27.40 (PB), Emma Evans 1:42.48 (PB).

Hunts AC: Darren Matthews 1:17.32, Rod McKee 1:20.34, Daniel Woolf 1:23.51, Ian Marshall 1:25.03, Stuart Laud 1:29.15, Ieva Klavina 1:36.00, Caroline Louise King 1:37.11, Caroline Archer 1:37.27, Jeff Mercer 1:39.59, Amy Steele 1:46.18, Lizzie Burgess 1:48.21, Pauline Stocker 1:48.48, Christina Cowles 1:52.14, Bryan Nylander 1:52.41, Chloe Wilson 1:57.49, Jess Mann 1:58.43, Diane Bunch 2:04.26, Kim Laud 2:04.42, James Haycock 2:20.44, Tessa Minns 2:38.35, Julia Tebbs 2:47.10.