Angling: Young wins final Van den Eynde meeting

Angling with Stan and Fizz

Van den Eynde

Saturday Series

STANJAY’S Ricky Young won the day at the final of the Van den Eynde Saturday Series.

After the presentation for the top three in the series overall, Brian Gibson, Ricky Ashwell and Keith Ellington, the traditional draw for pegs saw few of the favoured pegs go to the top anglers making it a very open match.

Young finished with 29lb 5oz from peg three, ahead of Ricky Ashwell and Steve Drakulic.

The top six in the series were awarded their cash prizes with the three section winners receiving buckets and ground-bait kindly donated by Mick Dant of Van Den Eynde.

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RESULT: 1. Ricky Young Fox Match Stanjay Bag’Em 29lb 5oz; 2. Ricky Ashwell Cromwell Lake 25lb 14oz; 3. Steve Drakulic Fox Match Stanjay 22lb 5oz; 4. Keith Ellington Cromwell Lake 18lb 9oz; 5. Ian Benton Fox Match Stanjay 17lb 1oz; 6. Steve Welford Browning Hotrods 14lb 12 � oz.

Sections: John Younger, Dave Bowman, James Drakulic.


Wednesday Series

WITH a few anglers missing to watch football, it was again an Ashwell one-two with Steve just the winner a couple of pounds ahead of Ricky with Stan Binge in third.

RESULT: 1. Steve Ashwell Cromwell Lake 43lb 7oz; 2. Ricky Ashwell Cromwell Lake 41lb 3oz; 3. Stan Binge Fox Match Stanjay 19lb 8oz; 4. Geordie Best Cromwell Lake 18lb 6oz.


SATURDAY’S match at Magpie Lake in Pidley was won by 15-year-old Josh Fryer-Cooper, well ahead of John Pratt in second.

RESULT: 1. Josh Fryer-Cooper 59lb 4oz; 2. John Pratt 40lb 8oz; 3. J Blacow 36lb.


SUNDAY’S open match on the Forty Foot was won by the match secretary Keith Rayment with 22lb 4oz of skimmers plus a three-pound tench.

Ray Myring was second with Harry Young third.

RESULT: 1. Keith Rayment 22lb 4oz; 2. Ray Myring 7lb 5oz; 3. Harry Young 6lb 15oz.

John Payne is rumoured to be coming out of retirement after a successful visit to Horseshoe Lake at Decoy.


THURSDAY’S Coote Cup match was won by Chris Geeson just ahead of Colin Leach.

RESULT: 1. Chris Geeson 7lb 7oz; 2. Colin Leach 6lb 9oz; 3. John Whitehead 4lb 5oz.

Sunday’s Meadow Lane match was won by Colin Leach with Mick Andrews and Chris Geeson taking the minor places.

RESULT: 1. Colin Leach 6lb 6oz; 2. Mick Andrews 5lb 9oz; 3. Chris Geeson 4lb 4oz.


SUNDAY’S match at Floods Ferry saw some good weights and good fish caught.

Match winner Denis Allan caught rudd and one bream while Terry Tye and Paul Collett both included tench in their catches.

RESULT: 1. Denis Allan 17lb 9oz; 2. Terry Tye 10lb 8oz; 3. Paul Collett 10lb.


SATURDAY’S open match was won by Craig Thorpe with Graham Marsh in second and Tony Watling third.

RESULT: 1. Craig Thorpe 7lb 14oz; 2. Graham Marsh 6lb 2oz; 3. Tony Watling 5lb 8oz.


TWO qualifying matches took place over the weekend at Snake Lake, Saturday and Trev’s Lake on Sunday.

RESULT: (Saturday) 1. Marcus Bailey Headfen 68lb 4oz; 2 John Millard Newmarket 56lb 6oz; 3 Dan Simper Kings Lynn 55lb 2oz.

(Sunday) 1. Josh Pace Hotrods 50lb; 2 Gary Burton Millview 46lb; 3 Mark Cross Littleport 36lb 6oz.


RESULT: Wednesday June 23: 1. John Chalk Cross Drove 85lb 10oz; 2. Rodney Finch Deben 60lb 7oz; 3. Dave Pearce Jnr Wisbech 59lb 14oz.

Saturday: 1. Martin Woods Emneth 72lb 14oz; 2 Jim Barrowman Barford Fox 44lb 6oz; 3 Dave Pearce Jnr 33lb 2oz.

Sunday: 1. Stuart Bracey Dynamite Baits 55lb 4oz; 2 Mark Pollard Fox Match Stanjay Dynamite 48lb 10oz; 3 Mick Bartrum Angling Direct 47lb.