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IN general, catching was difficult in Sunday’s open match in the East Midlands Winter League on the Nene at Oundle. With the weather incredibly changeable over the past week it was perhaps to be expected with the best area between the bridges. Peterborough’s Darren Page in the middle of this section caught 9lb 5oz of roach to win the match with Stanjay’s David Saunders second with skimmers from above Ashton footbridge.

With little or no rain expected conditions are unlikely to change and some anglers will face the prospect of a difficult day with the draw vital for team performance.

Result: 1 Darren Page (Garbolino Peterborough) 9lb 5oz, 2 David Saunders (Fox Match Stanjay) 7lb 11 � oz, 3 Paul Hendy (Browning Hotrods) 6lb 10oz, 4 Brian Gibson (Fox Match Stanjay) 6lb 4oz, 5 Tony Hayden (Fox Match Stanjay) 6lb 3oz, 6 Andy Moss (Browning Hotrods) 6lb 2oz.

Ramsey AS

Sunday’s match was the Phil Aldred Memorial fished on what were his favourite pegs, the high numbers on the Forty Foot. Only small fish showed and Andrew Kilby was unlucky when he finished a close second to his brother Paul from the golden peg.

Result: 1 Paul Kilby 3lb 13 � oz, 2 Andrew Kilby 3lb 9oz, 3 Keith Rayment 3lb 0 � oz

St Ives AS

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Winner Torbin Williams caught perch in A section on Sunday to finish ahead of Paul Ashcroft and Chris Geeson.

Result: 1 Torbin Williams 8lb 3oz, 2 Paul Ashcroft 7lb 6oz, 3 Chris Geeson 6lb

Benwick AC

The weights were low at Floods Ferry in Sunday’s match won by Dave Jarrett.

Result: 1. Dave Jarrett 1lb 11oz, 2 Roger Denson 1lb 5 � oz, 3 Tony Ingram 1lb 4oz

Lawn Farm

The top two anglers caught on the tip in last Tuesday’s Golden Rod match.

Result: 1 George Jones (Sawston) 48lb 10oz, 2 Roger Abbott (Huntingdon) 45lb 4oz, 3 Chris Saunders (Warboys) 42lb 12oz

Cross Drove - Wed, Oct 5: 1 Alan Tuck (VDE Angling Direct) 58lb 10oz, 2 Richard Martin (Daiwa Dorking) 56lb 11oz, 3 Richard Bond (Bury) 44lb 9oz; Sat, Oct 8: 1 Neil Parkinson (Dynamite Middy) 65lb 14oz, 2 Jim Barrowman (Fox P-J Angling) 55lb 4oz, 3 Richard Bond (Bury) 43lb 5oz; Sun, Oct 9: 1 Richard Martin (Daiwa Dorking) 74lb 3oz, 2 Gary Kiddell (Sensas Bighits) 55lb 8oz, 3 Neil Parkinson (Dynamite Middy) 52lb 6oz.

Headfen Fishery

There are two results from the weekend. An open match fished on Trevs Lake on Saturday and a qualifier fished on Snake on Sunday.

Results – Sat, Oct 8: 1 Vinny Easey (Cambridge) 65lb, 2 Steve Jackson (Headfen) 59lb 8oz, 3 Mark Cross (Newmarket) 45lb 10oz; Sun, Oct 9: 1 Dave Priestley (Shipshape Tackle) 134lb 2oz, 2 Matt Ayers (Dents) 121lb 8oz, 3 Steve Jackson (Headfen) 104lb 10oz.



Cross Drove qualifier: Draw at 8.30am, fish at 10am-4pm.


Cross Drove qualifier: Draw at 8.30am, fish at 10am-4pm.

Headfen Fishery qualifier 4, Snake Lake: Draw at 8.45am, fish at 10am-4pm.


East Midlands Winter League, second round, River Nene, Oundle: Draw at the Rose & Crown at 8am, fish at 11am-4pm.

St Ives AS, Meadow Lane: Meet at 7.15am at the gate to lakes, fish at 8.30am-1.30pm.

Benwick AC, Chapel Farm (Village End): Draw at 8am, fish ay 9am-2pm.

Ramsey AS, Waggler Only, Ramsey Narrows: Draw at 8am, fish at 9am-2pm.

Cross Drove qualifier: Draw at 8.30am, fish at 10am-4pm.


Lawn Farm Golden Rod Open: Draw at 9am, fish 10am-3pm.


Cross Drove qualifier: Draw at 8.30am, fish at 10am-4pm.