Angling with Stan & Fiz

East Midlands Winter League

THE first round of this year’s winter league was fished at Ely Beet and Littleport in beautiful hot sunny weather on Sunday.

Some of the Ely Beet sections provided very hard fishing while Littleport in general fished well. Maver Bait-tec’s Gavin Butler was the individual winner with 15lb 10oz from peg 22 at Littleport while Hotrods won the team event on a day; when all the other teams had anglers in poor areas they put together a good score of 24 points.

Individual: 1. Gvin Butler (Maver Bait-tech) 15lb 10oz, 2. Will Freeman (Hotrods) 13lb 8oz, 3. Alistair Ogilvie (Maver Bait-tech) 11lb 1oz, 4. Ken Wade (Garbolino Peterborough) 10lb 14oz, 5. Doug Botley (Stanjay Gold) 9lb 13oz.

Teams: 1. Hotrods 24 points, 2. Maver Baittech 31 (weight countback) 3. Sensas Mark One 31, 4. Stanjay Gold 33.

Eastern Region Shield

The annual Eastern Region Shield match was fished on Saturday on the Great Ouse at Littleport and Ten Mile Bank.

Most Read

Chris Vandervleit was the individual winner with 4k 950 of roach and his team Maver Image were also successful in the team event.

Teams: 1. Maver Image 70 points, 2. Littleport Blue 66, 3. Sensas Mark One 66.

Individual: 1. Chris Vandervleit (Maver Image) 4k 950, 2. Adrian Crane (Littleport)4k 906, 3. Tim Nash (Hotrods) 4k 520, 4. Liam Darler (Hotrods) 4k 420, 5. Roy Whincup (Fox Match Stanjay) 4k 230, 6. Graham Welton (RAF Team Mosella) 4k 100

St Ives AS

Steve Cox won Sunday’s match fished in Dolphin Meadow.

Result: 1. Steve Cox 9lb 4oz, 2. Paul Ashcroft 6lb 3oz, 3. Colin Leach 5lb 7oz.

Ramsey AS

Match secretary Keith Rayment won Sunday’s pike qualifier on the Forty Foot with three pike for 11lb 13oz.

Result: 1. Keith Rayment 11lb 13oz, 2. Huey Coulson 8lb 3oz, 3. Duane Wilson 5lb 4oz.

The club sweepstake at Factory Bank was a close match with all small fish caught. Paul Kilby was the winner from Ivan Steels and Andrew Kilby.

Result: 1. Paul Kilby 7lb �oz, 2. Ivan Steels 6lb 4 � oz, 3. Andrew Kilby 5lb 5�oz.

Benwick AC

Sunday’s match was waggler-only fished at Copalder with all small fish caught.

Result: 1. Dick Denson 4lb 2oz, 2. Dave Jarrett 3lb 9oz, 3. Kevin Gaunt 2lb 1oz.

Lawn Farm

There was an excellent attendance of 27 anglers for last Tuesday’s Andy Pollard Memorial fished on Willow Lake. Mick Sonnett drew peg 35 and caught 73lb of carp and chub.

Result: 1. Mick Sonnett 73lb, 2. Dave Lack 43lb 12oz.

Rookery Farm Pidley

There was a final OAP match of the year fished on Magpie Lake last Wednesday. In the beautiful weather, the lake fished well with Mick Sonnett winning his second match in successive days. Mick caught 90lb 7oz to finish ahead of organiser, Jim Garratty and Roger Abbott.

Result: 1. Mick Sonnett 90lb 7oz, 2. Jim Garratty 83lb 12oz, 3. Roger Abbott 69lb 9oz.

Cross Drove

The first three qualifiers for next April’s final have been fished with three regular anglers taking the places.

Results: September 28 - 1. Richard Martin (Daiwa Dorking) 76lb 10oz, 2. Alan Tuck (VDE Angling Direct) 62lb 10oz, 3. Stuart Payne (DAD ) 57lb 9oz; October 1: Martin Woods (Emneth) 45lb 7oz, 2. Stuart Payne (DAD) 43lb 5oz, 3. Dave Reeve (Daiwa Angling Direct) 42lb 12oz; October 2: 1. Richard Bond (Bury) 73lb 8oz, 2. Ray Smart (Norwich) 51lb 3oz, 3. Richard Martin (Daiwa Dorking) 49lb 5oz.