Angling: Hotrods’ Lincoln is in command

HAJAC Winter League The fourth and final round of this year s winter league was fished on Sunday with two sections on The Narrows, three on Cock Bank around Burnt House Bridge, and one on the carrot wash on Glassmoor Bank. All areas fished well with the

HAJAC Winter League

The fourth and final round of this year's winter league was fished on Sunday with two sections on The Narrows, three on Cock Bank around Burnt House Bridge, and one on the "carrot wash" on Glassmoor Bank.

All areas fished well with the main frame weights well-scattered around the sections.

The match was won by Browning Hotrods' Rob Lincoln with 9lb 5 1/2 oz of small fish with a dead heat for second between Wades' Paul Wright and Andy Leathers fishing for Lawn Farm, both weighing just 1 1/2 ounces less. Paul was pegged on Cock Bank and Andy on the Narrows.

Wades Gold were easy winners on the day with just 14 points while Hotrods drew with the Stanjay Special team in second place. This meant that Hotrods won the league by just two points from Stanjay Special who pushed them all the way after winning round one.

Peterborough were third and the two Wades teams tied for fourth place.

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It was also close for the top individual in the series with three anglers tied on eight points. Even a weight count-back only just separated Hotrods duo Rob Lincoln and Neil Adcock and Wades Dale Stones with Rob just the winner.

RESULT: Individual - 1 Rob Lincoln, Browning Hotrods 9lb 5 1/2 oz, 2 Paul Wright, Wades Gold & Andy Leathers Lawn Farm 9lb 4oz, 4 McGill Logan, Lawn Farm & Neil Adcock Browning Hotrods 8lb 4oz, 6 Nigel Miller Wades Gold 7lb 11oz.

Teams on Day - 1 Wades Gold 14pts, 2 Browning Hotrods & VDE Stanjay Special 23pts, 4 Lawn Farm 27pts, 5 Peterborough & March Select 32pts, 7 Wades Black 35pts.

Final League Positions: 1. Browning Hotrods 6pts, 2 VDE Stanjay Special 8pts, 3 Peterborough 15pts, 4 Wades Gold & Wades Black 19pts, 6 March Select 23pts, 7 Lawn Farm 26pts, 8 VDE Stanjay Supermatch 30pts, 9 March Dropouts 31pts

Stanjay Saturday Open

The three Saturdays that the matches have been fished on Cromwell Lake instead of the Recreation Ground have been three of the coldest of the winter. This week there was no frost but a bitter north-easterly wind to make conditions unpleasant.

Andy Leathers, drawn on peg 18, which was also one of the 'golden pegs', won the match with a net of 8lb 4oz of rudd, roach and perch. Paul Kilby was second from peg 25 with five pounds and Graham Goodwin third from peg 26 with 3lb.

RESULT: 1 Andy Leathers, Browning Hotrods 8lb 4 1/2 oz, 2 Paul Kilby Ramsey 5lb, 3 Graham Goodwin, Brampton 3lb, 4 John Pratt, 2lb 11 1/2 oz.

Angling Times Supercup

Last weekend the Stanjay team fished at Lawn Farm against Littleport ' B' and Barrington.

Again the club was represented by almost all anglers normally in the B squad, but nevertheless had a resounding victory, winning six sections and coming second in the other two.

The top two individual weights, Littleport providing the winner and Barrington the second, both included a good carp but then Ricky Young ( 9lb 2oz ), waggler maestro Dean Lack ( 8lb 10oz) and Paul Hendy (7lb 10oz ) took the next three places.

RESULT: Team - 1 Stanjay M. G. 22pts, 2 Barrington 14pts, 3 Littleport "B" 12pts

THIS Sunday Ramsey were the host team taking March AC and Royston-based Johnson Matthey to Factory Bank.

On this tricky venue, March had a good day providing three of the top four individually and taking the team win as well.

March captain Bob Fitzjohn won the match from peg 15 in the middle of the match with teammate Dave Priestley second and Ramsey's Paul Kilby third.

RESULT: Individual - 1 Bob Fitzjohn, March 3lb 13oz, 2, Dave Priestley, March 3lb 6oz, 3 Paul Kilby, Ramsey 3lb 1oz, 4 Paul Ringham, March 3lb.

Team - 1 March A. C. 22pts, 2 Ramsey A. C. 18pts, 3 Johnson Matthey 9pts.

Stanjay & March go through into the draw for the next round.

Lawn Farm

RESULT: Matches on Willow Lake.

Feb 14 - 1 Peter Hatfield, Meldreth 15lb 7oz, 2 Terry Kelly, Sawtry 10lb, 3 = Andy Pollard ( Luton ), and Mick Burge (St Neots) 4lb 12oz.

Feb 21 - 1 John King, Royston 32lb 7oz, 2 Dennis Holliday, Biggleswade 26lb 1oz, 3 Keith West, St Neots 22lb 12oz

Fishing Fixtures


Stanjay Saturday Open - Cromwell Lake - Draw 11.30 am - Fish 12.15 - 4.30 pm ( Remember 2 nets ).

Grahams Pond - Open Match - Draw 8.30 am - Fish 9.00 am - 2.00 pm (01480 351034)


HAJAC - Individual Championship - Benwick Chapel Farm village End - Draw 5 Alls Benwick 8. 00 am - Fish 10. 00 am - 3 . 00 pm (Entries: Roy Whincup 01487 822033)

Ramsey - Sweepstake - Factory Bank - Draw 8.00 am - Fish 9.00 am - 2.00 pm

Grahams Pond - Winner takes All Open - Draw 8.30 am - Fish 9.00 - 2.00pm


Lawn Farm - Golden Rod Open match - Draw 9.00 am - Fish 10.00 am - 3.00pm.

Bird Flu

Anglers should be vigilant about the threat of bird flu.

DEFRA has asked to be notified if anyone finds three or more dead ducks , geese or swans.

There is a 24 hour helpline: 08459 335577.