Angling: Doughty pair-formance gives a Wright impressive result

FIRSTLY an apology for the mistake which many people spotted last week with the reprinting of the column of 13-06-05 unhappily listed next to 13-02-06 on my computer. One or two items from this week have been held back for next time. HAJAC Pairs-Decoy La

FIRSTLY an apology for the mistake which many people spotted last week with the reprinting of the column of 13-06-05 unhappily listed next to 13-02-06 on my computer. One or two items from this week have been held back for next time.

HAJAC Pairs-Decoy Lakes (February 12)

THE winter pairs match was fished on Sunday on Cedar, Oak and Yew Lakes at Decoy. There were 14 pairs present and despite non-stop rain making fishing less than enjoyable, the slightly warmer weather produced excellent fishing for the time of year.

Only four or five anglers weighed-in less than 20lbs and three of the top weights were over 50lbs. The first and second individuals in the match, Wades' Lee Doughty and Paul Wright were also partners, so ended up with an unbeatable combined score of three points. Browning Hotrods' Dave Vincent was third with 50lbs and VDE Stanjay's Graeme Worker was fourth.

Second pair was Graeme Worker and Ricky Young with Hotrods Neil Adcock and Rob Lincoln third.

RESULT: (Individual) 1 Lee Doughty, Wades 60lb 7oz, 2 Paul Wright, Wades 58lb 8oz, 3 Dave Vincent, Browning Hotrods 50lb, 4 Graeme Worker, VDE Stanjay MG 47lb 4oz, 5 Martyn Howard, Wades MG 46lb 4oz, 6 Kevin Willmott, 46lb.

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PAIRS: 1 Lee Doughty and Paul Wright, Wades 3pts, 2 Ricky Young and Graeme Worker, VDE Stanjay MG 11pts, 3 Neil Adcock and Rob Lincoln, Browning Hotrods 17pts, 4 Steve Sharp and Dean Lack, VDE Stanjay MG 22pts.

HAJAC Winter League (February 19)

THE third round of the league was fished on Raveley Drain and Factory Bank with a cold easterly wind making fishing difficult for some. As occurred in the recent RAF match on the venue, two big tench and bream weights were caught, from the 'wides' and from between the bridge and sluice. The winner on the day with five tench, three bream and skimmers for 37lb 7oz was Hotrods' Stuart Northrop. Mick Pool, fishing for March select, was second with four tench in his 19lb 7oz and the remaining weights in the frame consisted of roach and skimmers and were all from Raveley. Stan, drawn at Factory Bank, had the benefit of help from Ramsey legend Harry Young to finish third.

Teamwise, Browning Hotrods had a good day winning with a team total of only 11 points although Wades Black in second with 13 would usually have won with such a low score. Stanjay Special maintained their challenge with third and Peterborough was fourth.

RESULT: Individual: 1 Stuart Northrop, Browning Hotrods 37lb 7oz, 2 Mick Pool, March Select 19lb 7oz, 3 Chris Hardman, Wades Black 9lb 11oz, 4 Graham Welton, Peterborough 9lb 10oz, 5 Dave Thornton, Wades Black 8lb 12oz, 6 Tony Watling, Browning Hotrods 8lb 1oz.

Teams on the Day: 1 Hotrods 11pts, 2 Wades Black 13pts, 3 VDE Stanjay Special 22pts, 4 Peterborough 28pts, 5 March Select 33pts, 6 VDE Stanjay Supermatch 35pts

League: 1 Browning Hotrods 4pts, VDE Stanjay Special 6pts, 3 Peterborough 10pts, 4 Wades Black 12pts, 5 Wades Gold and March Select 18pts, 7 Lawn Farm, March Dropouts and VDE Stanjay Supermatch 22pts.

Stanjay Saturday Open-Cromwell Lake (February 11)

THERE were nine anglers present for Saturday's match and the decision to fish at Cromwell Lake instead of the Recreation Ground, where catching had become difficult in the incredibly clear water, looked to be wrong when cat-ice had formed on the lake during the morning. In the event although the weights were low everyone caught although the fish were small apart from a lovely 1lb 14oz perch which made the difference to Ian Benton and gave him the match win from peg 32. Stan and John Pratt were second and third from pegs nine and 11.

RESULT: 1 Ian Benton, VDE Stanjay MG 4lb 4 1/2 oz, 2 Stan Binge, VDE Stanjay MG 3lb 15oz, 3 John Pratt, Gt Paxton 3lb 7oz, 4 Andy Leathers, Browning Hotrods 2lb 8 1/2 oz, 5 Mark Dickerson, St Neots 2lb 8oz.

RESULT: (February 18 10 anglers) Cromwell Lake: 1 Andy Leathers, Browning Hotrods 3lb 12oz, 2 Graham Goodwin, Brampton 3lb 9oz , 3 John Pratt, Brampton 2lb 12oz , 4 Ray Myring, St Ives 2lb 9oz.

THE points are being counted towards 'King of the Rec' where Stan is still ahead of reigning title holder Paul Kilby, thanks to a run of good results before Christmas. Although Paul is still challenging and has recorded several wins this year, the smaller fields have limited his points.

Points: 1 Stan Binge 93, 2 Paul Kilby 83, 3 Dave Silsby 71, 4 Andy Leathers 63, 5 Ian Benton 57, 6 John Pratt 48, 7 Ray Myring 39.

Brampton AC (February 12)

THE final round of the Winter Pairs series was fished at Raveley Drain on Sunday. Fishing was quite difficult with heavy rain for most of the day and the water still very clear. The match was won by Will Hadley from the second peg to the left of the bridge with 8 lb 15 0.5oz which included a magnificent 2lb 4oz rudd with hemp and pinkie caught roach and skimmers making up the balance of the weight. Mick Sonnett was second just 1.5oz behind with hemp roach and perch over chopped worm. Graham Goodwin caught small roach on pinkie for third and Paul Irons was the best weight from the right of the bridge with 5lb 2oz of roach caught on pinkie and hemp.

Paul Irons and Kevin Medlock retained the Winter Pairs Trophy with a total of 72 points out of a possible 80 ahead of Graham Goodwin and dave Silsby who had 64 points and Colin Oliver and Mick sonnett with 62 points.

RESULT: 1 Will Hadley 8lb 15 1/2 oz, 2 Mick Sonnett 8lb 14oz, 3 Graham Goodwin 6lb 15 1/2 oz, 4 Paul Irons 5lb 2oz.

RAF Midweek Match (February 8)

THERE were some outstanding weights in last Wednesday's RAF match at Raveley Drain. Match winner, Tex Sutton from RAF Marham, was on the third peg into the wides and caught 38lb 1oz consisting of nine tench and one bream, the biggest tench weighing in at 5lb 3oz. Teammate Bill Sinclair was second from midway between the bridge and sluice with six tench in his 23lb 5oz. Baz Fisher was third including three tench in his 14lb 5oz and 'Spike' Milligan, representing RAF Brampton, also caught tench from the wides. The best roach weight on the day went to Graham Welton with 8lb 15oz.

RESULT: 1 Tex Sutton, RAF Marham A 38lb 1oz, 2 Bill Sinclair, RAF Marham A 23lb 5oz, 3 Baz Fisher, RAF Coltishall B 14lb 5oz, 4 Spike Milligan, RAF Brampton B 9lb 1oz, 5 Graham Welton, RAF Brampton A 8lb 15oz.

Ramsey AS (February 12)

TWO juniors caught in Saturday's pike match fished on the Narrows. Match winner Chris Cumbridge caught four pike with the biggest 10lb for 19lb 15oz. Brendan Harlock was second with one pike of 7lb 5oz.

Sunday's winter league match was difficult with the water conditions changing as the first heavy rain for weeks ran off the factories and fields producing strange colours. Paul Kilby won the match with 5lb 15oz helped by a good last hour when many anglers could no longer get a bite. Second place Duncan Folkes caught all his fish in the first two- and-a-half hours.

RESULT: 1 Paul Kilby 5lb 15oz, 2 Duncan Folkes 3lb, 3 Andrew Kilby 2lb 6oz.

W Waterfield Open

(February 19)

THERE were only seven anglers for Sunday's Open match on the Narrows but fishing was excellent with a total of over 80lb caught. Winner was Andrew Kilby from peg five with five tench in his 22lb 13oz.

RESULT: 1 Andrew Kilby 22lb 13oz, 2 Paul Kilby 18lb 10oz, 3 Duncan Folkes 13lb 8oz, 4 Steve Tyrrell 10lb 8oz.

Benwick AC (February 12)

ROGER Rowley caught the best weight in Sunday's match at the village end of Chapel farm with 8lb 11oz. Kelvin Turner was second and M Steel third.

RESULT: 1 Roger Rowley, 8lb 11oz, 2 Kelvin Turner 5lb 91/2 oz, 3 M Steel 5lb 3oz.

Lawn Farm (February 7)

JOHN King from Royston was the runaway winner of last week's golden rod match with 42lb of carp and chublets caught on the tip. Chris Young was second and Terry Kelly third.

RESULT: 1 John King, Royston 42lb, 2 Chris Young, St Neots 12lb 13oz, 3 Terry Kelly, Sawtry 9lb.

Grahams Pond

THE first matches of the year take place the first weekend in March with an ordinary open match on Saturday 4 and a 'winner takes all' match on Sunday 5. (Details 01480 351034).

Fishing Fixtures

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 25: Stanjay Saturday Open-Cromwell Lake-Draw 11.30am-Fish 12.15-4.30pm (Remember two nets). Ramsey Juniors-Sixth Pike match-Ramsey St Marys-Draw 10.30am-Fish 11am-3pm.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 26: HAJAC Winter League-Round Four-Cock Bank, Ramsey Narrows, Glassmoor-Draw Marex 8am-Fish 10am-3pm. Ramsey-Clubman Cup v March AC-Factory Bank.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 28: Lawn Farm - Golden Rod Open match - Draw 9 am Fish 10am - 3pm.