Angling Column - May 7

Lawn Farm Teams of Four THE Stanjay A team of Ricky Young, Steve Sharp, Kevin Medlock and Dean Lack went into this final match of the series with a commanding lead. However, with Honeysuckle Lake in particular very peggy at the moment, there were still

Lawn Farm Teams of Four

THE Stanjay A team of Ricky Young, Steve Sharp, Kevin Medlock and Dean Lack went into this final match of the series with a commanding lead.

However, with Honeysuckle Lake in particular very 'peggy' at the moment, there were still some anxious moments before their victory was confirmed.

In the event, their team score of 15 was easily good enough to secure overall victory, still 21 points ahead of second-place Hot Rods Red, with Garbolino Sensas finishing third.

Team Results: 1 Stanjay A 65pts, 2 Hotrods Red 86pts, 3 Garbolino Sensas 95pts, 4 Ouse Valley Angling 101pts, 5 Browning Stanjay 105pts.

Individual: Willow Lake 1 Neil Adcock Hot Rods Red 51lb 4oz, 2 Kevin Medlock Stanjay A 47lb 14oz.

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Honeysuckle Lake: 1 Jon Hazelden Hotrods Red 39lb, 2 Dave Rawlins Stanjay D 32lb 6oz.

Lawn Farm

LAST week's Golden Rod result: 1 Dennis Holliday Biggleswade 34lb 2oz, 2 George Tebb Bury St Edmunds 19lb 2oz, 3 Roger Abbott Huntingdon 15lb 14oz.

Cromwell Lake

WITH the better weather fishing has improved, with 10 of the 14 anglers weighing in double figures.

It was Ricky Ashwell who took the individual honours, with 48lb 10oz of carp, bream and tench from peg five. Ricky also won an extra £100 for the golden peg.

His dad Steve was second with 41lb from peg 24, Keith Ellington was third from peg 27 while Steve Roslyn was fourth after snaring a 17lb 11oz carp from peg 17.

RESULT: 1 Ricky Ashwell GOT Baits 48lb 10oz, 2 Steve Ashwell GOT Baits 41lb, 3 Keith Ellington Cromwell Lake 23lb 9oz, 4 Steve Roslyn 17lb 12oz, 5 Josh Pace Browning Hotrods 16lb 12oz, 6 Jason Roslyn 13lb 2oz.

The top anglers in the qualifying series have scored good points already but there are still places in the 18-man final where the £500 first prize is up for grabs with some very low scores at present in the top 18.

Series top ten: 1 Steve Ashwell 179pts, 2 Ricky Ashwell 143pts, 3 Terry Allgood 127pts, 4 Jason Roslyn 122pts, 5 Stan Binge 118pts, 6 Steve Welford 112pts, 7 Keith Ellington 107pts, 8 Mark Dickerson 106pts, 9 Ian Benton 102pts, 10 Ray Myring 87pts.

Grahams Pond

SEVERAL of the anglers involved in the Plumb-It Challenge used Saturday's King of the Pond Qualifier to practice. Tony Watling was the winner, with 12lb 4oz of crucian, roach and rudd from peg 10. Pat Magillop was second and Ian Reece was third.

RESULT: 1 Tony Watling 12lb 4oz, 2 Pat Magillop 10lb, 3 Ian Reece 9lb 12oz.

Plumb-It Challenge

It was a very solid team performance that enabled the Kings Arms A team to beat their B team in the first of this summer's plumb-it challenge matches.

Although Dave Blount from the B team won the match individually, the A team anglers took the next places to ensure the victory.

RESULT: 1 Dave Blount Kings Arms B 9lb 8oz, 2 Ed Blanis Kings Arms A 7lb 14oz, 3 Roy Smith Kings Arms A 6lb 13oz.

Teams: Kings Arms A 30lb 12oz - Kings Arms B 16lb 8oz.

Ferry Meadows

WITH the weather warm and conditions good, the fish must have been more interested in spawning than in feeding, with hardly any of the anglers getting any bites.

Stanjay's Roy Whincup - about to give up and pack up at 1pm - tempted a bite and ended up with three skimmers for 4lb 4oz.

John Crowson and Kevin Leach were the only other anglers to catch in a strong field and it was decided to postpone next week's match on the venue and hope to fish again on ,ay 18, if conditions have improved.

RESULT: 1 Roy Whincup Browning Stanjay 4lb 4oz, 2 John Crowson MAP Peterborough 2lb 14oz, 3 Kevin Leach Britannia Angling 2lb 13oz.

Rookery Farm

MICK Sonnett caught well from the margins to weigh in 70lb 10oz and win last Wednesday's Pensioners match on Magpie Lake. Pete Norris finished second and Dave Farrugia was third.

RESULT: 1 Mick Sonnett Brampton 70lb 10oz, 2 Pete Norris 39lb 3oz, 3 Dave Farrugia 35lb 9oz, 4 Roger Abbotts 35lb 1oz, 5 Mick Parker 31lb 7oz.

BRJ Angling Club

BRJ fished on Magpie Lake at Rookery Farm on Sunday, with the match won by Kevin Peacock with 58lb 7oz caught on paste from the margins. Mark Steel finished second, only 5lbs adrift.

RESULT: 1 Kevin Peacock 58lb 7oz, 2 Mark Steel 53lb 1oz, 3 Pete Huddlestone 37lb 1oz, 4 Paul Irons 34lb 10oz, 5 Kelvin Turner 20lb 13oz, 6 Malcolm Johnston 19lb 3oz.

Cross Drove Fishery

THERE are three results to report, with the weights progressively improving as the weather warms up.

April 30: 1 Steve Clark VDE Image 34lb 2oz, 2 Mark Pollard Fox Dynamite 31lb 8oz, 3 Warren Wright Thetford AC 28lb 4 Mick Mirgaux Deben 23lb 3oz.

May 3: 1 Glen Burden Barford Middy 40lb 7oz, 2 Tony Evans Dynamite Middy 40lb, 3 Dave Pearce Snr Wisbech 34lb 12oz, 4 Simon Wheeler Diawa Dynamite 32lb 11oz.

May 4: 1 Jim Barrowman Barford Middy 53lb 15oz, 2 Alan Tuck Carp Vader 45lb 12oz, 3 Dennis Page Henlow 45lb 4oz, 4 John Chalk Cross Drove 39lb 14oz.

Youth Masters 2008

THERE is a qualifying round for this year's Browning-sponsored competition taking place at Lawn Farm on Saturday, May 17. The 100-peg final is on Saturday, August 30 at Cudmore Fisheries.

There are two age groups - 13-and-under and 14-17 - with competitors in the higher age bracket needing to be 17 on the day of the final. Entries and information: 01954 718269.

Irish Festivals

THERE are several local anglers fishing in Ireland at the moment and achieving success. March-based Bob Nudd finished second in the Classic last week, while Anthony Watling from St Neots framed in the King Of The Erne Series.

Stanjay's Ian Benton finished fourth in the 205-peg Erne Open on Sunday, weighing in 16.30kgs of skimmers and roach. Ian also recorded three section wins in last week's series.


DUNCAN and Andrew Ray, fishing with Tony McGregor in Holland, have also recorded some memorable weights. A delighted Duncan phoned last week to say that the three anglers had totalled 650lb of bream while fishing on Wednesday.

Duncan had caught 292lb, weighing up to 8lb on the pole, with Andy weighing 196lb and Tony managing 152lb.

On the previous day Tony had caught 87lb of roach on a stick float, while Andrew's claim to fame had been three 100lb-plus weights on different venues.