Angling Column - May 14

Mahons Festival LAST week we reported on local anglers fishing in the Irish festivals and we have a real success story this week. Hotrods Lindsay Naylor (Lord Devana) finished in overall third place over the five days of fishing in the Mahons Festival. H

Mahons Festival

LAST week we reported on local anglers fishing in the Irish festivals and we have a real success story this week.

Hotrods' Lindsay Naylor (Lord Devana) finished in overall third place over the five days of fishing in the Mahons Festival.

His result came in spite of a poor first day when all he caught was a 10oz eel, although day two at Derryvallen provided a fantastic 31 bream for 120lb - one of the top weights of the whole festival.

With 30lb of roach on day three, 60lb of bream on day four and a final day 30lb haul of bream, Lindsay maintained his challenge to finish in a clear third place.

Lindsay, who would be the first to admit that bream fishing has not been his forte over his angling career, said that his week's total of 68 bream was more than in his entire life.

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He was over the moon with his result and would encourage any keen angler to visit Ireland for the spring festivals. He said: "It is fantastic fishing in beautiful surroundings."

Mention must also be made of his Hotrods teammate Stuart Northrop, who recovered from failing to catch for the first two days to finish tenth overall with 25lb-plus on days four and five.

Cromwell Lake Saturday Series

THERE were again 14 anglers present for Saturday's match in hot sunny conditions. Many anglers lost fish and it was Steve Ashwell in peg 26 who was first with 28lb 12oz. Stan was second with 23lb 1oz, Dennis page came third and Josh Pace, who is very consistent at the moment, was fourth.

RESULT: 1 Steve Ashwell GOT Baits 28lb 12oz, 2 Stan Binge Browning Stanjay 23lb 1oz, 3 Dennis Page Henlow 19lb 6oz, 4 Josh Pace Browning Hotrods 18lb 2oz, 5 Terry Allgood Cromwell Lake 13lb, 6 Steve Welford Browning Hotrods 8lb 3oz.

Wednesday Evening Series

THERE was an excellent attendance of 15 anglers on a beautiful sunny evening for match one of this year's evening series. Browning Stanjay's Paul Hendy was the winner from peg 17 with a catch of 46lb 7oz, which included two big carp. Steve Ashwell was second with 33lb 2oz and last year's series winner Brian Gibson was third with 13lb 12oz.

RESULT: 1 Paul Hendy Browning Stanjay 46lb 7oz, 2 Steve Ashwell GOT Baits 33lb 2oz, 3 Brian Gibson Browning Stanjay MG 13lb 12oz, 4 Ricky Young Browning Stanjay MG 9lb 8oz, 5 Geordie Best 7lb 8oz.

Graham's Pond

SATURDAY'S King of the Pond open match was won by Pat Magallop, from peg 1, with 14lb 8oz. Bob Stobart was second and Steve Webb came third - also taking the qualifying place for September's final.

RESULT: 1 Pat Magallop 14lb 8oz, 2 Bob Stobart 14lb, 3 Steve Webb 10lb 14oz.

On Sunday, Spitfires B fished against Wagon and Horses C in the first round of the Plumb-It Challenge. Spitfires took the first two places with Steve Webb and Bob Nicholls, although Wagon and Horses' Nigel Marshall finished a good third.

RESULT: 1 Steve Webb Spitfires B 12lb 14oz, 2 Bob Nicholls Spitfires B 9lb 5oz, 3 Nigel Marshall Wagon and Horses 9lb.

Teams: Spitfires B 39lb 1oz - Wagon and Horses C 19lb 14oz.

Ramsey AS

LAST week's match was fished on Horseshoe Lake at Decoy. Roger Gowler caught an excellent 91lb 12oz to win from Terry Moat and Andrew Rayment.

RESULT: 1 Roger Gowler 91lb 12oz, 2 Terry Moat 76lb 8oz, 3 Andrew Rayment 64lb 8oz.

Rookery Farm

BRJ Club Match on Magpie Lake

RESULT: 1 Mark Steels 48lb 13oz, 2 Steve Morgan 46lb 13oz, 3 Kevin Gaunt 43lb 1oz, 4 Pete Huddlestone 41lb 15oz.

Headfen Fishery

THE first match in a teams of four series was fished on Sunday. The lakes fished well and included a new lake record on Trev's Lake for Hotrods' Tim Dabrowa. Tim weighed in 61lb 7oz from peg 35, which included five chub, seven carp and small fish.

Many of the pegs fished well, although those in the wrong areas as regards wind direction could do little to improve their catching. Teamwise, Blue Boys took the honours from Tosspots and Hotrods.

RESULT (Snake Lake) 1 Bob Coulson Tosspots 117lb 6oz, 2 Marcus Bailey Blueboys 105lb 8oz, 3 Dave Yardy Norfolk 97lb 4oz, 4 Josh Pace Hotrods 91lb, 5 Julian Collop Fox Match Bills Tackle, 6 Ricky Young Browning Stanjay Black 67lb 6oz.

Trevs Lake: 1 Tim Dabrowa Hotrods 61lb 7oz, 2 Steve Jackson Blueboys 39lb 14oz, 3 Val Coleman Tosspots 31lb 3oz, 4. Trevor Oakman Browning Stanjay Black 30lb 8oz.

Teams: 1 Blue Boys 9pts, 2 Tosspots 13pts, 3 Hotrods 14pts, 4 Fox Match bills Tackle 18pts, 5 Browning Stanjay Black 21pts.

Cross Drove

Wednesday 7: 1 Dave Pearce Jnr Wisbech 62lb 11oz, 2 Martin Woods Emneth 37lb 3oz, 3 Mick Bartrum DAD 29lb 2oz.

Saturday 10: 1 Mick Bartrum DAD 47lb, 2 Mac Collett Nisa Waveney 40lb 5oz, 3 Reg Bryden Deben 30lb 5oz.

Sunday 11: 1 Dennis Jarvis Promaster Trabucco 31lb 10oz, 2 Paul Yeomans Sensas Big Hits 29lb 12oz, 3 Dave Leconte Thetford AC 27lb 7oz.

Lawn Farm

LAST week's Golden Rod match was fished on Honeysuckle Lake and was won by Brampton's Mick Sonnett with 22lb 4oz. Luton's Bob Walker was a close second and John Pratt came third.

RESULT: 1 Mick Sonnett Brampton 22lb 4oz, 2 Bob Walker Luton 21lb 14oz, 3 John Pratt Great Paxton 13lb 12oz.

Wednesday 7 Open Match: 1 John Hoskins Bury St Edmunds 40lb, 2 Tom Cole St Neots 33lb 13oz, 3 George Tebb Bury St Edmunds 25lb 12oz.


Sunday 11 Result: 1 Malc Clarke Poplets 52lb 14oz, 2 P Hennigan Biggleswade 46lb 14oz, 3 K Summers Greensands 42lb 3oz, Sections M Dickerson Browning Stanjay 27lb 14oz/Danny Theakston Poplets 35lb 6oz.