Angling Column - June 25

King of The Fens THE first round of this new summer series was fished at Tydd Gote on Sunday in awful windy conditions which made presentation almost impossible. There were fish to be caught although fishing was not an enjoyable experience. Mark One Black

King of The Fens

THE first round of this new summer series was fished at Tydd Gote on Sunday in awful windy conditions which made presentation almost impossible.

There were fish to be caught although fishing was not an enjoyable experience. Mark One Black team were the winners on the day with our Fox Match Stanjay team in second - very pleasing after next to no practice and a tribute to application in difficult conditions.

New signing Hans Schunmann led the way with a section win, with Brian Gibson third and Mark Pollard fifth in their 13-man sections. Kye Jerrom also made an impressive start to his Hotrods career with a second place overall.

RESULT (Individual): 1 Andy Payne MAP Peterborough 10lb 2oz, 2 Kye Jerrom Browning Hotrods White 8lb 12oz, 3 Mick Dixon Bourne A 7lb 7oz, 4 Roy Woodward Mark One Black 7lb 3oz, 5 Hans Schunmann Fox Match Stanjay 7lb 1oz.

Teams: 1 Mark One Black 21pts, 2 Fox Match Stanjay 27pts, 3 Van Den Eynde 28pts, 4 Hotrods Red 30pts, 5= Bourne A, Peterborough, Holbeach & Hotrods White 31pts.

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Cromwell Lake

Saturday Series

WITH places still up for grabs in the final on July 5, it was one of those outside the qualifying spots, Vince Hull, who put himself into contention with an excellent match win. Vince caught 64lb of bream and carp from peg seven on the waggler. Dave Rawlins, another angler needing points, was second and Mark Dickerson was third.

RESULT: 1 Vince Hull 64lb, 2 Dave Rawlins Fox Match Stanjay 44lb 8oz, 3 Mark Dickerson Fox Match Stanjay 38lb 8oz, 4 Terry Allgood Cromwell Lake 24lb 8oz, 5 Brian Gibson Fox Match Stanjay 16lb 8oz, 6 Ray Myring St Ives 13lb 8oz.

Leeda Wednesday Series

BRIAN Gibson added another match win to his impressive set of results in this year's series, although Stan and lake co-owner Terry Allgood ran him very close. All is not over for the challengers though as Brian has to miss two of the matches in July and has no room for any mistake if he is to retain his title.

RESULT: 1 Brian Gibson Fox Match Stanjay 26lb 12oz, 2 Stan Binge Fox Match Stanjay 26lb 9oz, 3 Terry Allgood Cromwell Lake 25lb 4oz, 4 Ricky Ashwell GOT Baits 15lb 14oz, 5 Steve Welford Browning Hotrods 15lb 6oz.

St Ives AS

SUNDAY'S first river match of the new season was fished in windy conditions in A section. Colin Leach caught eight bream for 31lb 4oz to win the match from Mick Andrews and Ian Donaldson.

RESULT: 1 Colin Leach 31lb 4oz, 2 Mick Andrews 10lb 10oz, 3 Ian Donaldson 8lb 13oz.

Thursday's round one of the Coote Cup was disappointing, with just Paul Ashcroft weighing in 4lb.

Ramsey AS

THE first round of the Thursday Tankard was won by Ivan Steels, from Duncan Folkes and Vern Edgley.

RESULT: 1 Ivan Steels 5lb 2oz, 2 Duncan Folkes 3lb 7oz, 3 Vern Edgley 1lb 11oz.

Sunday's match at Staffurths Bridge saw the two end pegs finish first and second.

RESULT: 1 Duncan Folkes 8lb 2.5oz, 2 Kevin Peacock 7lb 4oz, 3 Roger Gowler 5lb.

Benwick AC

THE strong wind affected Sunday's match fished on Burton's Bank. Terry Fairbrother was the winner, with one bream and two tench in his 12lb 15oz.

RESULT: 1 Terry Fairbrother 12lb 15oz, 2 John Ayres 5lb 14oz, 3= Tony Ingram/Kevin Gaunt 4lb 12oz.

Fox Match Stanjay Club Championship

THE first round of this series was fished on Horseshoe Lake at Decoy on Sunday. In difficult windy conditions, venue expert Ricky Young was the winner, with 130lb from Paul Hendy, Sloan Kane and Steve Gordon.

RESULT: 1 Ricky Young 130lb, 2 Paul Hendy 94lb, 3 Sloan Kane 83lb, 4 Steve Gordon 71lb.

Graham's Pond

Saturday Open

RESULT: 1 Gareth James 13lb 10oz, 2 Pat Magallones 8lb 4oz.

Plumb It Challenge

THE strong wind made most anglers resort to fishing the waggler or tip and there was an exciting match considering the conditions which saw last year's winners - Wagon & Horses A - just lose to the Kings Arms team in a weigh-in which went down to the last angler.

Kings Arms 23lb 6oz - Wagon & Horses A 19lb 5oz.

Lawn Farm

YOUNGSTER Chris Hart won last Thursday's evening match with 22lb 13oz.

RESULT: 1 Chris Hart 22lb 13oz, 2 Tom Cole 17lb 5oz, 3 Andy Leroy 15lb 9oz.

Golden Rod Open

RESULT: 1 Roger Abbott Hartford 28lb 13oz, 2 Ken Tasker Stanstead 21lb 13oz, 3 Roger Dickerson Cambridge 20lb 11oz.

Head Fen

Open match Trev's Lake - June 21

RESULT: 1 Tom Wilson Spalding 61lb 14oz, 2 Lindsay Naylor Hotrods 56lb 14oz, 3 Pete Lambdin Dersingham 48lb 9oz.

Qualifier Snake Lake - June 22

RESULT: 1 Lee Thornton Fox Match Bagem 80lb 4oz, 2 Ashley Prestidge GOT Baits 59lb 12oz, 3 Nigel Fawkes Garbolino 48lb.

Cross Drove

June 18

1 Derek Johns Thetford 67lb (Qualifier), 2 Bob Nudd Fox Match 55lb, 3 Paul Goldstraw Fox Match Stanjay 53lb 4oz.

June 21

1 Simon Wheeler Diawa Dynamite 107lb 5oz, 2 Jim Barrowman Barford Fox 68lb, 3 Mark Pollard Fox Dynamite 53lb 12oz.

June 22

1 Jim Barrowman Barford Fox 79lb 15oz, 2 Warren Martin Sensas Barford 73lb 2oz, 3 Stuart Bracey Dynamite Baits 68lb 3oz.

Solo Europe - 4 Islands Decoy

1 Ricky Young 120lb 14oz, 2 Steve Sharp 67lb, 3 Steve Young 58lb, 4 Richard Read 47lb.

Papworth Trust Charity Match - Manderson Trust - Over

1 Colin Oakman 26lb 12oz, 2 Tony Chandler 23lb 5oz, 3 Liam Darler 17lb 4oz.

The Papworth Trust would like to thank all those who helped to make this event such a success, raising £1,000 for the trust.