Angling Column - July 9

Cromwell Lake THE final of this year s Van Den Eynde Saturday series saw a very competitive match, with no-one sure who had won until the weigh-in was completed. The winner of the £500 first prize was Ricky Ashwell, who weighed in 40lb 10oz of mainly brea

Cromwell Lake

THE final of this year's Van Den Eynde Saturday series saw a very competitive match, with no-one sure who had won until the weigh-in was completed.

The winner of the £500 first prize was Ricky Ashwell, who weighed in 40lb 10oz of mainly bream from peg nine.

Ricky, who has been one of the most consistent anglers on the venue over several years, was a fitting winner, although Brian Gibson's 28lb 12oz from peg 17 for second place was also an excellent performance.

With the top six anglers all weighing more than 20 pounds and the default section winners all with good double figure weights, the match was a success.

RESULT: 1 Ricky Ashwell GOT Baits 40lb 10oz, 2 Brian Gibson Fox Match Stanjay 28lb 12oz, 3 Andy Leathers Hotrods 25lb 15oz, 4 Terry Allgood Cromwell Lake 22lb, 5 Steve Ashwell GOT Baits 21lb 14oz, 6 Ian Benton Fox Match Stanjay 20lb.

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Sections: Mark Dickerson, Steve Welford and Stan Binge.

Series: 1 Steve Ashwell 270pts, 2 Ricky Ashwell 250pts, 3 Stan Binge 219pts, 4 Terry Allgood 218pts.

Wednesday Evening Series

ALTHOUGH well ahead in the series, Brian Gibson still needed a good result in last Wednesday's match as he misses the next two rounds. He made no mistake as he weighed in 28lb of bream and carp from peg 11, with Fizz Drake taking second place from peg nine with 17lb 10oz and Stan in third with 13lb 4oz.

RESULT: 1 Brian Gibson Fox Match Stanjay 28lb, 2 Fizz Drake Fox Match Stanjay 17lb 10oz, 3 Stan Binge Fox Match Stanjay 13lb 4oz, 4 Ricky Ashwell GOT Baits 9lb 10oz, 5= Geordie Best/Vince Hull/Keith Ellington 9lb 1oz.

King of the Fens

THE second round of this new summer series was fished at Benwick on Sunday, with some excellent weights recorded. The match was won individually by Browning Hotrods man Steve Welford, with 37lb 4oz from Burtons Bank, including 10 bream.

Hotrods were also team winners on the day, with an excellent total of only nine points.

Another second place finish for our Fox Match Stanjay team puts us top of the league after two matches, one point ahead of Hotrods.

RESULT: Individual 1 Steve Welford Hotrods Red 37lb 4oz, 2 M Whittaker Bourne Losers 34lb 4oz, 3 Arnie Palmer Holbeach 29lb 7oz, 4 Chris Hardman Wades MG 25lb 13oz, 5 Ricky Young Fox Match Stanjay 22lb 8oz.

Teams on the Day: 1 Hotrods Red 9pts, 2 Fox Match Stanjay 16pts, 3 Bourne A 20pts, 4 Hotrods White 31pts, 5= Van Den Eynde/Mark One Gold 34pts.

League: 1 Fox Match Stanjay 4pts, 2 Hotrods Red 5pts, 3= Bourne A/Van Den Eynde 8pts, 5 Hotrods White 9pts.

Ramsey AS

ALTHOUGH Ramsey St Mary's was weedy, all those who caught bonus fish did best on Thursday evening. After losing his first three tench, Adrian Wylde resorted to carp tackle and landed three tench, plus a pound-and-a-half rudd in his winning weight. Andrew Kilby's tench on the final whistle took him into second place.

RESULT: 1 Adrian Wylde 11lb 4oz, 2 Andrew Kilby 4lb 8oz, 3 Duncan Folkes 4lb.

Sunday's running line only match on the Forty Foot saw the two end pegs take the top places, although Harry Young, who was second from the Ramsey end, was fortunate after he lost a bream, all his bait and his mobile phone during the match.

RESULT: 1 Ivan Steels 5lb 1oz, 2 Harry Young 4lb 1oz, 3 Keith Rayment 3lb 11oz.

St Ives AS

PAUL Ashcroft continued his winning form with victories in both the Thursday and Sunday matches.

Thursday Result: 1 Paul Ashcroft 10lb 2oz, 2 Chris Geeson 7lb 10oz, 3 Colin Leach 5lb 10oz.

Sunday Result: 1 Paul Ashcroft 12lb 4oz, 2 Colin Leach 5lb, 3 Chris Geeson 2lb 10oz.

Benwick AS


RESULT: 1 Terry Fairbrother 13lb 5oz, 2 Jon Seekins 10lb 11oz, 3 Tony Ingram 8lb 9oz, 4 Kevin Gaunt 7lb 1oz.


RESULT: 1 Kevin Gaunt 14lb 4oz, 2 Andy Ingram 6lb 9oz, 3 Terry Fairbrother 5lb 12oz, 4 Ken Matthews 4lb 10oz.

Rookery Farm Pidley

Result of last week's OAP match.

1 Pete Norris 67lb, 2 Andy Moone 65lb 14oz, 3 J Hemmington 61lb.

Grahams Pond

WITH few carp feeding, the weights were disappointing for Saturday's King of the Pond qualifier. Tony Watling was the match winner with silver fish for 4lb 12oz. Philip Church, fishing the pond for the first time, was second and took the qualifying place in the final.

RESULT: 1 Tony Watling 4lb 12oz, 2 Philip Church 4lb 8oz, 3 Stuart Reedman 4lb.

In Sunday's Plumb-It Challenge match, the time spent practicing paid off for the team from the Harrier as they took the top three places individually to achieve a convincing win.

RESULT: 1 Gareth James 6lb 6oz, 2 Stuart Maskell 3lb 11oz, 3 Daniel De Grussa 3lb.

BRJ Angling Club

SUNDAY - Magpie Lake Pidley

RESULT: 1 Pete Huddlestone 98lb, 2 Kelvin Turner 52lb 4oz, 3 Roger Rowley 45lb 13oz, 4 Mark Steel 23lb.

Lawn Farm

JUNE 26 - Evening Open - Result

1 Clive Cole 27lb, 2 John Logan 16lb 4oz, 3 Andy Leroy 13lb 14oz.

JULY 1 - Golden Rod Match - Result

1 Dennis Holliday 66lb, 2 George Tebb 48lb 6oz, 3 Ken Tasker 45lb 7oz.