Angling Column - July 16

St Neots AS CHRIS Young, the match secretary of Saturday s Chris Rayner Memorial match, fished in the Pony Field, weighed in a phenomenal 21 bream for a total weight of 103lb 12oz. Bob Gill was second, with 10 bream for 46lb. RESULT: 1 Chris Young 103lb 1

St Neots AS

CHRIS Young, the match secretary of Saturday's Chris Rayner Memorial match, fished in the Pony Field, weighed in a phenomenal 21 bream for a total weight of 103lb 12oz. Bob Gill was second, with 10 bream for 46lb.

RESULT: 1 Chris Young 103lb 12oz, 2 Bob Gill 46lb, 3 P Moseby 4lb 8oz.

Cromwell Lake

AFTER the excitement of the big money final of the Saturday series, last week saw the first round of the Little and Large series.

Points are gained for nets of fish under and over 1lb towards the trophy, although this year the winner each week is the best weight rather than the top points.

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Ricky Ashwell followed his success in last week's final with a match win by just four ounces over his father Steve, also gaining the best points on the day.

RESULT: 1 Ricky Ashwell GOT Baits 22lb 1oz, 2 Steve Ashwell GOT Baits 21lb 13oz, 3 Terry Allgood Cromwell Lake 20lb 9oz.

Points: 1 Ricky Ashwell 37, 2 Stan Binge 36, 3= Ian Benton/Steve Ashwell 35.

Wednesday Evening Series

Last Wednesday saw Keith Ellington bounce back from a disaster-filled afternoon in the Saturday final to win with 40lb 4oz of quality bream caught on the waggler in peg nine.

Terry Allgood, pegged next door, was second with 34lb and Mark Dickerson was third.

RESULT: 1 Keith Ellington Cromwell Lake 40lb 4oz, 2 Terry Allgood Cromwell Lake 34lb, 3 Mark Dickerson Fox Match Stanjay 27lb 4oz, 4 Ricky Ashwell GOT Baits 20lb 14oz, 5 Fizz Drake Fox Match Stanjay 14lb 10oz.

Brampton AS

TEENAGER Chris Hart followed success in recent Lawn Farm matches with his first Brampton match win in the BL Rosebowl on Jay Lake at Pidley on Sunday.

On a day when the venue was out of sorts, Chris's maggot attack saw him finish comfortably ahead of Paul Anderson and Kevin Medlock.

RESULT: 1 Chris Hart 32lb 4oz, 2 Paul Anderson 27lb 8oz, 3 Kevin Medlock 25lb 12oz, 4 Nick Marriott 23lb.

Twilight Series

RETURNING to one of his favourite venues, Kye Jerrom snared several eels late in the match on chopped worm to edge out Roger Gowler and Nick Marriott and win the first round of the evening series.

RESULT: 1 Kye Jerrom 11lb 12oz, 2 Roger Gowler 10lb 5oz, 3 Nick Marriott 9lb 2oz, 4 Kevin Peacock 7lb 8oz.

St Ives AS

PAUL Ashcroft was successful yet again in Thursday's Coote Cup match, weighing in 13lb 6oz to finish ahead of Colin Leach and Chris Geeson.

RESULT: 1 Paul Ashcroft 13lb 6oz, 2 Colin Leach 11lb 11oz, 3 Chris Geeson 3lb 3oz.

Benwick AC

IN Sunday's match at Poplar Trees on the Twenty Foot, Tony Ingram was the winner with 8lb 9oz.

RESULT: 1 Tony Ingram 8lb 9oz, 2 Ken Matthews 4lb 7oz, 3 Terry Fairbrother 3lb 12oz, 4 Kevin Gaunt 2lb 3oz.

Grahams Pond

SUNDAY'S Plumb-It Challenge match was between Spitfires A and Brampton Institute. Spitfires put their hours of practice in Saturday matches to good use with a comprehensive win. Spitfires' Terry Kelly and Mark Dawkes took the top two places.

RESULT: 1 Terry Kelly Spitfires 11lb 1oz, 2 Mark Dawkes Spitfires 7lb 8oz, 3 D Smith Brampton 4lb 8oz.

Teams: Spitfires A 27lb 1oz - Brampton Institute 11lb 14oz.

Ramsey AS

ADRIAN Wylde won his third Thursday Tankard match in as many weeks with victory in last week's match on the Forty Foot. No bonus fish showed and the weights were low, but quite close.

RESULT: 1 Adrian Wylde 3lb 12oz, 2 Paul Kilby 2lb 7oz, 3 Duncan Folkes 1lb 14oz.

On, Saturday Ramsey fished in the Division Two National on a very hard Leeds-Liverpool Canal. The team finished 27th of the 38 teams, with Dave Jarrett their top points scorer with a fifth place finish. Paul and Andrew Kilby also took top 10 positions.

Weary after Saturday's travelling and fishing, it was the end pegs that dominated in Sunday's match at Staffurth's Bridge. Paul Kilby was the winner with 13lb 4oz from one end peg, with Dave Jarrett second from the other end.

RESULT: 1 Paul Kilby 13lb 4oz, 2 Dave Jarrett 10lb 2oz, 3 Andrew Kilby 8lb 12oz.

Lawn Farm

Evening Open Match Thursday 3rd July

RESULT: 1 Amer Jawad 45lb 12oz, 2 Tom Cole 42lb, 3 Nigel Fawkes 31lb.

Golden Rod Match - 8th July

RESULT: 1 Roger Dickerson Cambridge 33lb, 2 Dave Elliott Cheshunt 29lb 10oz, 3 George Tebb Bury St Edmunds 28lb 2oz.

Cross Drove

MARK Pollard is the man to beat at Cross Drove at the moment, with two wins and a second place in the last week's three matches.

RESULTS: Wednesday 9th July

1 Mark Pollard Fox Dynamite 65lb 7oz, 2 Tony Williams Bury 54lb 6oz, 3 Paul Goldstraw Fox Match Stanjay 45lb 9oz (Qualifier Paul Hendy Fox Match Stanjay)

Saturday 12th July - 1 Mark Pollard Fox Dynamite 98lb 15oz, 2 Martin Woods Emneth 69lb.

Sunday 13th July - 1 Jim Barrowman Fox Barford 72lb 12oz, 2 Mark Pollard Fox Dynamite 50lb 2oz.

Headfen Lakes

SUNDAY'S Qualifier was won by Benwick's Terry Moat with 118lb of carp caught on meat.

RESULT: 1 Terry Moat Benwick 118lb 15oz, 2 Allan Archer Suffolk's Finest 93lb 4oz, 3 Jason Fulcher Cambridge 84lb 6oz.