Angling Column - July 2

Cromwell Lake Saturday Series MANY anglers found catching difficult on Saturday, although Brian Gibson and Vince Hull — both successful in recent matches — were drawn next to each other on pegs nine and 11 and caught well. Vince had the extra incentive of

Cromwell Lake

Saturday Series

MANY anglers found catching difficult on Saturday, although Brian Gibson and Vince Hull - both successful in recent matches - were drawn next to each other on pegs nine and 11 and caught well.

Vince had the extra incentive of being on the golden peg and must have been hopeful when he weighed in 38lb 10oz caught on the waggler, but Brian's 44lb 5oz was enough to win the match and keep the golden peg fund going.

RESULT: 1 Brian Gibson Fox Match Stanjay 44lb 5oz, 2 Vince Hull Decoy 38lb 10oz, 3 Andy Leathers Browning Hotrods 19lb 4oz, 4 Ricky Ashwell GOT Baits 16lb 8oz.

The final takes place this Saturday with a £500 first prize for the winner. The series was won by Steve Ashwell, with son Ricky second and Stan in third - just one point ahead of Terry Allgood.

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Leeda Wednesday Series

THERE are now four rounds to go in this year's Wednesday evening series and another match win for Fox Match Stanjay's Brian Gibson sees him with the incredible total of 150 points from a possible 160.

His closest challenger is GOT Baits' Ricky Ashwell with 114 and then a tie for third between Stan and Steve Ashwell. With 20 points on offer for a match win, all is not decided but it will take an impressive set of results to overtake Brian.

Wednesday Result: 1 Brian Gibson Fox Match Stanjay 25lb, 2 Stan Binge Fox Match Stanjay 11lb 14oz, 3 Terry Allgood Cromwell Lake 11lb, 4 Vince Hull 10lb 6oz.

St Ives AS

THURSDAY'S Coote Cup evening match was won by Paul Ashcroft, who included three bream in his 14lb 2oz.

RESULT: 1 Paul Ashcroft 14lb 2oz, 2 Chris Geeson 4lb, 3 Ray Myring 1lb.

Despite having fished well during the previous week, Meadow Lane was out of form on Sunday with anglers struggling for bites. The match was won by John Maling with just 1lb 11oz and there was a tie for second between youngster Tom Myring and match secretary Chris Geeson.

RESULT: 1 John Maling 1lb 11oz, 2= Tom Myring/Chris Geeson 1lb 6oz, 4 Ian Donaldson 1lb 2oz.

Head Fen

THE final round of this year's teams of four was fished on Sunday and although venue experts Blue Boys were in an unassailable first place, the Fox Match Stanjay Black team did enough with a third place on the day to take series overall second.

A strong team performance was led by Simon Easey, who took top place on Trev's Lake with 45lb 12oz.

Final Positions: 1 Blue Boys 7pts, 2 Fox Match Stanjay 15pts, 3 Tosspots 16pts, 4 Hot Rods 19pts.

Grahams Pond

SUNDAY'S Plumb-It quarter final between Spitfires B and Golden Knight A proved to be a very exciting affair. In the last round the Golden Knight had won by just three ounces but this time the two teams ended up with equal weights of 28lb 15oz.

As there was no fair way to decide the winner, both teams will go through to the next round which will be a three-way match involving the Kings Arms.

Result: 1 Steve Webb Spitfires 15lb 12oz, 2 Martin Walker Golden Knight 13lb 12oz, 3 Alan Jerron Golden Knight 12lb 2oz.

In Saturday's Open Match there was a successful return from illness for Terry Kelly who won with 11lb 10oz.

RESULT: 1 Terry Kelly 11lb 10oz, 2 Stuart Redman 10lb 14oz, 3 Pat Magalones 9lb 9oz.

Ramsey AS

THE Thursday Tankard match fished at Factory Bank was won by Adrian Wylde with one tench in his 6lb 6oz. All those in the top places had snared a bonus fish.

RESULT: 1 Adrian Wylde 6lb 6oz, 2 Paul Kilby 5lb 13oz, 3 Roger Gowler 5lb 3oz.

It was pleasing to see six youngsters at Saturday's match, which was won by Tony Wagstaff with an eight ounce perch in his 1lb 3.5oz.

RESULT: 1 Tony Wagstaff 1lb 3.5oz, 2 Chester Hobbs 14oz, 3 Michael Wagstaff 13.5oz.

Brampton AS

COLIN Oliver maintained his impressive early season form with a second successive win in Sunday's Ted's Shield at Sewell's Lake. His 17lb 10oz comprised skimmers and hybrids taken from peg one.

Nick Marriott and Paul Irons were again second and third. Chris Hart and Tony Last each had a 4lb-plus tench on worm fished over chopped worm and caster.

The club's Twilight Series on Sewell's starts on July 8 - Draw 5.30pm.

RESULT: 1 Colin Oliver 17lb 10oz; 2 Nick Marriott 13lb 13oz; 3 Paul Irons 12lb 4oz; 4 Kevin Peacock 11lb 5oz.

St Neots AS

MARK Rayner won Saturday's Bradley Cox match.

RESULT: 1 Mark Rayner 21lb 8oz, 2 Dennis Holliday 13lb, 3 Bob Gill 9lb 4oz.

Lawn Farm

SEVENTEEN-year-old Chris Hart from Papworth Everard won the Browning Youth Masters qualifier on June 24, with 31lb to gain a place in the final in August.

Result: 1 Chris Hart 31lb, 2 Tyler Palmer 19lb, 3 Casey McLaughlin 17lb 2oz.

Evening Open - Result: 1 Amer Jawad 52lb 3oz, 2 Nigel Fawkes 28lb 3oz, 3 Andy Leathers 27lb 3oz.

Golden Rod - Result: 1 Dave Elliott 19lb 13oz, 2 Chris Young 18lb 9oz, 3 George Tebb 17lb 15oz.

Cross Drove

TONY Watling from St Neots qualified for the autumn final with a match win on Wednesday.

RESULT: 1 Tony Watling Fox Match 72lb 11oz, 2 Scot Pringle Cross Drove 53lb 8oz.

Saturday Result: 1 Jim Barrowman Barford Fox 76lb 12oz, 2 Dave Reeve GOT Baits 58lb 4oz.

Sunday Result: 1 Jim Barrowman Barford Fox 101lb 6oz, 2 Andy Leathers Hotrods 81lb 5oz.