Anglers struggle after temperatures drop

Angling with Stan and Fizz


East Midlands Winter League Open Match

OVERNIGHT temperatures left anglers struggling to find the fish at North Level, Parsons Drove and French Drove and everyone will be hoping that this Sunday produces a fishing match not a lottery.

All the best weights came from the sections on the left of Clough Bridge with Mark One’s John Taylor catching 14lb 8oz of skimmers and bream.

Lloyd Thompson was second and John Bates third.

RESULT: 1 John Taylor Sensas Mark One 14lb 8oz, 2 Lloyd Thompson Garbolino Peterborough 13lb 8oz, 3 John Bates Sensas Mark One 12lb 12oz, 4 Paul Hendy Fox Match Stanjay 12lb 7oz, 5 Barry Wiggington Maver Bait-Tech 10lb 5oz.

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FACTORY Bank fished extremely well on Sunday with the 10 anglers present catching over 90lb between them.

Paul Kilby caught 16lbs of small fish to win the match with George Coles in second spot. Just half an ounce separated Andy Wilding and Keith Rayment in third and fourth.

RESULT: 1 Paul Kilby 16lb 2oz, 2 George Coles 11lb 13oz, 3 Andy Wilding 9lb 5 � oz, 4 Keith Rayment 9lb 5oz.


PAUL Ashcroft won a close match on Sunday with 21lb 3oz ahead of Chris Geeson and Colin Leach.

RESULT: 1 Paul Ashcroft 21lb 3oz, 2 Chris Geeson 18lb 12oz, 3 Colin Leach 17lb 1oz


KEVIN Gaunt was top rod in Sunday’s match as the village end of Chapel Farm fished well on hemp, producing some really good weights. Second-placed Terry Fairbrother landed a good tench.

RESULT: 1 Kevin Gaunt 9lb 4oz, 2 Terry Fairbrother 7lb, 3 Tony Ingram 4lb 10oz


LAST Wednesday saw some very good catches from the Ouse at Littleport with flow and colour on the river.

The top three anglers caught bream and tench on the tip from the higher number pegs, 28, 30 and 32, while the other weights were roach and skimmers on the pole from the low numbered pegs.

RESULT: 1 Lee Clarke 43lb 3oz, 2 Graham Welton 42lb 4oz, 3 Simon Pointer 37lb 6oz, 4 Pete Lambdin 16lb 7oz, 5 Roy Whincup 13lb 7oz.


JOHN Rutter from Royston won last week’s Golden Rod match at Lawn Farm with 42lb 10oz.

RESULT: 1 John Rutter Royston 42lb 10oz, 2 Malcolm Theakstone Letchworth 40lb 8oz, 3 John Millard Newmarket 38lb 11oz.


THERE are three results from the past week.

Wednesday: 1 Neil Parkinson Dynamite Middy 66lb, 2 Robert Edmondson Ringer Baits 50lb 4oz, 3 Rodney Finch Deben 42lb 8oz.

Saturday: 1 Neil Parkinson Dynamite Middy 45lb 3oz, 2 Tony Brookes Thetford AC 30lb 12oz, 3 Andy Leathers Browning Hotrods 28lb 8oz.

Sunday: 1 G. Pearce Banham 47lb 2oz, 2 Tony Watling Fox Match Stanjay 37lb 7oz, 3 Mick Bartrum DAD 35lb 9oz.