A tale of little and large

Cromwell Lake The little and large match on Saturdays is certainly proving interesting and this week was no exception. The lake fished incredibly well; especially in view of a spell in the middle of the match when a thundery squall made fishing almost

Cromwell Lake

The 'little and large' match on Saturdays is certainly proving interesting and this week was no exception.

The lake fished incredibly well; especially in view of a spell in the middle of the match when a thundery squall made fishing almost impossible.

The average weight was almost 30lb a man with three of the big fish nets over 40lb. The best of these was Steve Ashwell's 52lb 6oz with Keith Ellington and Ricky Ashwell the other two. Stan had the best small fish net with 9lb 14.5oz beating Mark Dickerson and Dave Silsby who both also weighed in with more than 8lb.

Overall Stan had the top points adding sixth in the large net to his win with Keith Ellington and Ricky Ashwell equal on points, but Keith taking second with the bigger weight.

RESULT: Big Fish Net 1 Steve Ashwell 52lb 6oz, 2 Keith Ellington 47lb 15oz, 3 Ricky Ashwell 44lb Small fish: 1 Stan Binge 9lb 14 1/2oz, 2 Mark Dickerson 8lb 11oz, 3 Dave Silsby 8lb 2oz Overall: 1 Stan Binge 35pts, 2 Keith Ellington 33pts (51lb 7oz) 3 Ricky Ashwell 33pts (47lb 12oz)

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Wednesday Evening Sweepstake

Sixteen-year-old Josh Pace showed just how fast he is improving by finishing just ahead of Steve Ashwell to win Wednesday's match. Josh drew peg 26 which was also a 'golden peg' and caught 25lb 7oz - a pound in front of Steve, his nearest challenger. Ian Benton took third, just ounces ahead of Terry Allgood. Mention must also be made of another youngster, James Price, who, fishing his first ever match on the venue, caught two lovely tench and finished in front of Stan.

RESULT: 1 Josh Pace VDE Stanjay M.G 25lb 7oz, 2 Steve Ashwell St Neots 24lb 7oz, 3 Ian Benton VDE Stanjay M.G 19lb 12oz, 4 Terry Allgood 19lb 1oz.

St Ives AC

On Thursday the Coote Cup match was won by Paul Ashcroft with 3lb 4 1/2oz with Colin Leach and Tony McGregor in the minor places.

RESULT: 1 Paul Ashcroft 3lb 4 1/2oz, 2 Colin Leach 2lb 8oz, 3 Tony McGregor 3oz.

Colin Leach caught a fantastic net of fish on Sunday in 'A' section. His 16lb 6oz was all roach taken on bread.

RESULT: 1. Colin Leach 16lb 6oz, 2. Paul Ashcroft 7lb 6oz, 3. Jim Parker 2lb

Brampton AS

There have been two rounds of the Twilight series fished on Sewells Lake in recent weeks. On July 4, Paul Irons won the match with 7lb 8 1/2oz caught on a 5m whip with second placed Chris Saunders adopting different tactics and catching his fish mainly on the tip.

RESULT: 1 Paul Irons 7lb 8 1/2oz, 2 Chris Saunders 5lb 3oz, 3 Tony Last 3lb 13.5oz.

There was a strong wind which made presentation difficult for the match last Tuesday, but nevertheless plenty of fish were caught. The top two anglers were the same again this time with Will Hadley taking third position.

RESULT: 1 Paul Irons 8lb 8oz, 2 Chris Saunders 5lb 4oz, 3 Will Hadley 5lb 3oz

Ramsey AS

Thursday's match was fished in the Narrows and a 5lb 3oz bream caught by Keith Rayment with just ten minutes to go gave him the win ahead of Paul Kilby and Josh Pace.

RESULT: 1 Keith Rayment 7lb 9oz, 2 Paul Kilby 3lb 14oz, 3 Josh Pace 1lb 1oz

Centenary Open - Forty Foot

All the top weights were close and included one bonus fish in Sunday's Open Match on the Forty Foot won by Duncan Folkes with 8lb 15oz. In second place was Adrian Wylde with 8lb 2oz - just one ounce ahead of Paul Kilby.

RESULT: 1 Duncan Folkes 8lb 15oz, 2 Adrian Wylde 8lb 2oz, 3 Paul Kilby 8lb 1oz, 4 Keith Rayment 7lb 13oz.

Benwick AC

Sunday's match was fished at Floods Ferry and was won by K Matthews with 6lb 2.5oz. Kevin Gaunt was second and Terry Moat third.

RESULT: 1 K Matthews 6lb 2.5oz, 2 Kevin Gaunt 5lb 14oz, 3 Terry Moat 3lb 10oz, 4 Jon Seekins 3lb 3oz.

Lawn Farm

Attendances at the Tuesday 'Golden Rod' matches have been surprisingly good. Earlier this year sub zero temperatures did not stop many fishing every week and the recent extreme heat has been endured with similar stoicism. There were joint winners last week, Mick Burge and Dennis Holliday with Mack McFiggins in third.

RESULT: 1= Mick Burge & Dennis Holliday 27lb 8oz, 3 Mack McFiggins 10lb 4oz

Grahams Pond

Terry Kelly won both matches last weekend, beating Bob Stobart on Saturday and then defeating Steve Wood on Sunday.

RESULT: (Saturday) 1 Terry Kelly 13lb 8oz, 2 Bob Stobart 6lb 8oz, (Sunday) 1 Terry Kelly 19lb 6oz, 2 Steve Wood 8lb 9oz

Pleasure Fishing

There are two interesting stories this week both having taken place at Rookery Farm, Pidley. John Pratt (32) from Stukeley Meadows is a very recent convert to fishing and purchased his first rod from Stan only three weeks ago.

Fishing with friends last week, he hooked a 24lb 6oz common carp and, with much excitement and encouragement, succeeded in landing the fish on 4lb line and a size 12 hook.

The other success was for two 12-year- olds, Adam Naylor from Godmanchester and Jake Thornton from Warboys, who both caught more than 30lb of small fish on whips fishing in just one morning.