4lb carp helps Ollie to championship victory

Brampton AS THE final match of this season s club championship was fished on Lou s Lake at Decoy on Sunday. The match was won by Colin Ollie Oliver with 23lb, with Nick Marriott second with 19lb and Pete Carter finishing third. Starting the day one poi

Brampton AS

THE final match of this season's club championship was fished on Lou's Lake at Decoy on Sunday.

The match was won by Colin 'Ollie' Oliver with 23lb, with Nick Marriott second with 19lb and Pete Carter finishing third.

Starting the day one point behind Nick in the championship standings, a combination of winning this match and having lower results to discard from earlier matches was just enough to see Ollie home as club champion for a second successive year.

With his win on Sunday coming courtesy of a 4lb plus carp that made its way into his landing net tail first, Ollie looks set to have a very lucky 2008.

RESULT: 1 Colin Oliver 23lb; 2 Nick Marriott 19lb; 3 Pete Carter 17lb; 4 Ian Crawford 11lb 8oz.

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Final standings: 1 Colin Oliver 68pts; 2 Nick Marriott 67pts; 3 Kevin Peacock 64pts.

Stanjay Christmas Series

THE traditional Christmas series was fished over Christmas week with two matches at Raveley Drain, followed by a third at Ramsey Narrows.

The series was won by Graeme Worker with two section wins and one second to give him four points. Two anglers finished on five points with Brian Gibson taking second place on count back from Brett Kiddy.

Match One - Raveley December 23

1 Graeme Worker VDE Stanjay MG 7lb, 2 Brian Gibson Browning Stanjay 6lb 11oz, 3 Steve Gordon Browning Stanjay 6lb 9oz.

Match Two - Raveley Drain - December 27

1 Kevin Peacock Brampton 7lb 2oz, 2= Stan Binge/Ricky Young Browning Stanjay 5lb 12.5oz.

Match Three - Ramsey Narrows - December 30

1 Craig Shaw Peterborough 24lb 4oz, 2 Simon Godfrey Mark One 17lb 5oz, 3 Brian Gibson Browning Stanjay 15lb.

Series: 1 Graeme Worker 4pts, 2 Brian Gibson 5pts.

St Ives AS

THERE are four matches to report.

Sunday December 23

1 Chris Geeson 5lb 2oz, 2 Paul Ashcroft 2lb 13oz, 3 Mick Andrews 1lb 7oz.

Thursday December 27

1 Chris Geeson 42lb 3oz, 2 Tony McGregor 27lb 14oz, 3 Colin Leach 20lb 1oz.

Sunday December 30

1 Colin Leach 45lb 1oz, 2 Paul Ashcroft 12lb 2oz, 3 Sam Wellans 11lb 4oz.

Sunday January 6

1 Sam Wellans 13lb 4oz, 2 Mick Andrews 9lb 15oz, 3 Paul Ashcroft 9lb 14oz (Ray Myring had one bite - a lovely 6lb 11oz tench)

Benwick AC

THE village end of Chapel farm was the venue for Sunday's match won by Malcolm Johnson.

RESULT: 1 Malcolm Johnson 6lb 4oz, 2 Tony Ingram 5lb 2oz, 3 Dave Jarrett 4lb 4oz.

Stanjay Match Group

Christmas Match

THE club Christmas match was fished on Ramsey Narrows on January 6. With a cold frosty start the fish were shoaled up on the John Warwicks side of the bridge.

The first three in the match were from the three pegs nearest to the bridge with Rob Lincoln winning from Jon Hazelden and David Saunders.

RESULT: 1 Rob Lincoln 11lb 8oz, 2 Jon Hazelden 9lb 15oz, 3 David Saunders 7lb 14oz.

St Neots AS

Christmas Match

1 Nigel Fawkes 16lb 8oz, 2 Ro Fryer 13lb 8oz, 3 Dennis Holliday 12lb 2oz.

Roach Cup - Hen Brook - January 5

1 Dennis Holliday 6lb 8oz, 2= D Lack/Ro Fryer 4lb, 4 Chris Young 2lb 12oz.

Lawn Farm

RESULTS from three matches fished over the holiday period:

Sunday December 23 - Willow Lake

1 Mick Baines 29lb 6oz, 2 Chris Young 14lb 14oz, 3 Paul Jackson 10lb 4oz.

Friday December 28 - Willow Lake

1 Rob Heath Biggleswade 55lb 10oz, 2 Chris Young St Neots 33lb, 3 Colin Earl Luton 21lb 3oz.

Sunday December 30 - Willow Lake

1 Dennis Holliday 26lb 4oz, 2 Bryn Wignall 23lb 12oz, 3 Nigel Fawkes 23lb 3oz.