A memorial cricket match was held in Eaton Socon on Sunday to remember a former player and club chairman.

The game between Eaton Socon and Overstrand took place at the Terry Day Cricket Ground and was held to remember Tony Reedman who passed away in July 2021.

Sunday's game was the third annual memorial event, which saw Eaton Socon take the win this time round, making it 2-1 overall.

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A spokesperson for the club said: "The game was played in great spirit from both teams, the spectators came and stayed throughout, and an enjoyable game of cricket was played to remember the life of Tony.

"Tony will be remembered for all the time, effort and support he gave both clubs during his many seasons at them both.

"Everyone at Eaton Socon Cricket Club and Overstrand Cricket Club will continue to honour his life, and by doing so we look forward to playing again next year where we travel to Overstrand."