Zoo says it will not put down tiger which mauled keeper to death

Hamerton Zoo Park Tigers with Rosa King.

Hamerton Zoo Park Tigers with Rosa King. - Credit: Archant

Hamerton Zoo will not put down the tiger that mauled keeper Rosa King to death, it has been announced.

Hamerton Zoo Park tiger's enclosure

Hamerton Zoo Park tiger's enclosure - Credit: Archant

In a series of tweets posted tonight (Monday) the zoo said that following “extensive consultation” with staff, it had been decided that the tiger would not be put down.

The zoo added, however, that it would review its decision if it received any “professional guidance to the contrary”.

Andrea and Peter King, parents to Rosa, were said by the zoo to be “fully behind the decision”.

The tweets posted by staff at Hamerton Zoo

The tweets posted by staff at Hamerton Zoo - Credit: Archant

The news comes just a week after the death of Ms King, who was killed when a tiger entered an enclosure she was working in. Emergency services were rushed to the zoo but the 33-year-old was declared dead at the scene.

A joint investigation into the incident is being carried out by Cambridgeshire police and Huntingdonshire District Council, which licenses the zoo.

It is understood that the investigation is ongoing, and the zoo remains closed to the public in the meantime.

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In a statement paying tribute to their daughter, Andrea and Peter King said: “Rosa was a dedicated professional when it came to her work.

“She lived and breathed a vocation that meant the world to her, living her dream.

“She had a care and understanding of her animals that was a joy and privilege to behold.

“As well as our daughter, Rosa was a big sister to her brother Mark, who like his parents, had nothing but love and admiration for her.

“Rosa was passionate about animals from the age of two when she first sat on the back of a horse. After that, her life was always going to be about animals.

“She lived her life to the full and was a very caring, generous person.

“She would stand up for those who couldn’t stand up for themselves including the animals and campaigned and raised money for animal charities.”