Young author Sanjana inspired by her dream of having a dog

WESTFIELD Junior School pupil Sanjana Narayan may not be able to have a dog of her own, but she has done the next best thing.

The 11-year-old has created her own fictitious four-legged companion and cast him as the hero of her first book Thunder.

Sanjana, who lives in West Leys, St Ives, started writing books when she was eight, but Thunder is her first completed title. It follows the adventures of wonder-dog Thunder, who can understand human emotions and communicates by nodding his head, and his girl-owner Crystal, an orphan who lives with her grandmother.

Sanjana’s father Rajiv got it published through self-publishing service

He said: “Every year since she was eight she has written a book and not completed one.

“We told her she had to finish one, and so she decided to finish this one. She is writing her second book now.”