Workshops to empower men in business

Scott Hardiman of Further Coaching, is hosting sessions for men in business.

Scott Hardiman, of Further Coaching, is hosting sessions for men in business. - Credit: SCOTT HARDIMAN

Further Coaching is launching a series of workshops to help businesses and professional men overcome confidence struggles from the pandemic.

With just over a month until the end of social distancing and a return to the office, it seems as if normal life is just around the corner, but have you taken stock of the past year and how it is has affected you?

The answer is probably no from most men. Men are more likely to keep quiet or downplay the toll the past year has had on them, but this just leads to a feeling of being stuck, which has a knock-on effect on our confidence.

And when our confidence is low, it affects all aspects of our lives, from our business and personal development, to professional performance and relationships, and our overall drive to achieve more. 

The Further in 30 mission is a virtual tour of local businesses, CEOs, entrepreneurs and professionals over the next 30 days, to equip men with the mental toolkit to get more from life and work ahead of June 21.

The one-hour workshops will be hosted online and I will help identify the key struggles facing you or your team and techniques to overcome them. The first 30 workshops will be free to local companies on a first-come basis.

Perhaps you started a new role during lockdown and are worried about joining the office environment? Maybe you are concerned about the effect furlough has had on staff, or being furloughed yourself has made you doubt your abilities?

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Perhaps some decisions didn't pay off and you've become risk averse? Whatever you're feeling, it's normal, and regaining your confidence is achievable. 

To book your workshop email: or fill in the enquiry form at stating ‘Further in 30.