Woolley Hill turbine decision expected in late March

A DECISION on whether a four-turbine wind farm will be allowed to go ahead at Woolley Hill in west Huntingdonshire is expected on March 23, campaigners say.

A three-week public inquiry into the proposal, which was refused planning consent by Huntingdonshire District Council last year, concluded in Huntingdon last Friday.

The promoters, RES UK & Ireland, said the four 130-metre (428 feet) turbines should be allowed to help the Government meet its carbon-reduction targets.

English Heritage said the proposal, if allowed to go ahead, would harm the almost 1,000-year-old Grade I-listed All Saints’ Church, across the valley in Ellington, the village’s conservation area and a number of Grade II-listed buildings.

Ron Ward, chairman of the Woolley Hill Action Group, which opposed the scheme, said the group was not opposed to renewable energy but highlighted the need for a different approach to achieve Government targets.

“Rather than sites being selected where landowners are willing to accept the huge incentives offered to have wind farms on their land, surely there must be a greater responsibility on developers and local planning authorities to select sites that can accept the greatest number of turbines without causing harm to our cherished landscape and heritage,” he said.

“Woolley Hill is the wrong site for a wind farm.”