Envar deny responsibility for county's fly invasion

Flies across County

Across the county people have been infested with flies in their homes. - Credit: CHRIS DUNN

Waste management company Envar has issued a statement to The Hunts Post denying that they are responsible for the county’s recent fly infestation.  

Envar, based in Woodhurst, near St Ives, say they "do not have a problem" with flies on their site. 

The Hunts Post received complaints about huge numbers of flies from residents across the county, including, Buckden, Royston, Somersham, Swavesey, March, and St Ives.  

Waste management company EnVar at Woodhurst in St Ives 

Waste management company EnVar at Woodhurst in St Ives - Credit: Google Earth

A spokesman for Envar said: “Fly activity had increased across the East of England in recent times due to wet and warm weather, an unseasonably wet period followed by warm weather had increased fly numbers in all areas.  

“We do not have a problem at our site.  The issue has been noticed and reported across the country.” 

Envar issued this statement, following an email that was sent to a Fen Drayton resident by South Cambs District Council suggesting that Envar could have been responsible for the county's fly infestation. 

In the email, South Cambs said: “Based on several other reports from residents, it is believed that the problem originates from Envar, a waste composting site located at Somersham Road, Woodhurst, Somersham, Huntingdon PE28 3BS. 

Marja Khalif is having to replace the flypaper every hour or so in her home

At the weekend Marja Khalif had to replace the flypaper every hour or so in her home - Credit: MARJA KHALIF

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“Envar are permitted for waste operations, in which case, our authority will be unable to investigate this as a statutory nuisance.” 

In response to this quote from South Cambs District Council, Envar said: “South Cambridgeshire do not regulate our site and have never attended our site.  

“Our site is regulated and is regularly inspected (unannounced) by the relevant authorities.  

“We have thorough plans and controls in place to minimise fly activity, these controls are regularly checked and monitored.” 

The Hunts Post approached the Environment Agency (EA) for a statement and they also believe the nuisance of flies is due to warm weather.  

The (EA) said: “In the Environment Agency’s opinion the current levels of increased fly activity experienced everywhere, not just in this area, is being caused by the heavy rainfall followed by mild temperatures for this time of year.”  

Many residents across the county, including those in St Ives, are still facing problems in their homes, one resident on social media posted: “The amount we have in our house is ridiculous.

"It's going to have to be spray if we can get some!” 

Another wrote: “I have been swinging my ‘exterminator bat ‘around the house like Darf Vader!  

“One of my dogs is scared of it , he thinks it’s a firework going off every time I zap a fly.”