Become a 'moggy midwife' to help kittens in need

Woodgreen Pets Charity in Godmanchester is appealing for volunteers to foster cats and their kittens’ first few weeks.

Woodgreen Pets Charity in Godmanchester is appealing for volunteers to foster cats through pregnancy and the kittens’ first few weeks. - Credit: Woodgreen Pets Charity

Woodgreen pets charity in Godmanchester is appealing for residents to help and become a 'moggy midwife' by volunteering their homes to help pets in need with the peak breeding season for cats in full swing.

Volunteers can help the pets charity, which has more than 150 cats and kittens in their care, by fostering cats through pregnancy and the kittens’ precious first few weeks.

Fostering for Woodgreen is completely free, with full training and all supplies provided.

To become a ‘moggy midwife’, you need a room, such as a spare bedroom or a dining area you can dedicate to the cats for a couple of months, access to a vehicle, and time to make sure the kittens are healthy, happy and well-socialized.

As they’ll be tucked away safely, and the pregnant cat’s maternal instincts will do most of the work, it doesn’t matter if you work full-time or have other pets, children or generally busy households.

Michelle Hurley from Cambridgeshire has been a Woodgreen fosterer for three years and loves it so much that she’s created a bespoke ‘cat room’ in her house. 

Michelle said: “I have a lot of love to give but can’t commit to having more pets, so this is the perfect solution.

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"I’ve had three cats give birth in my family’s care, and although each time is different, building a bond with a cat at her most vulnerable time and getting her trust is amazing.

"The hardest part is giving the kittens back as you invest a lot of time and emotion into them, but it’s the best decision I’ve ever made, and our whole family now gets involved.”

The process of being a ‘moggy midwife’ generally takes around 10-12 weeks, from bringing the pregnant cat home and settling her in to helping her through labour and getting the kittens ready to be rehomed when they’re around nine weeks old.

Sometimes, fosterers take on kittens who have already been born, looking after them through the weaning and socialisation process until they can be matched with loving new owners.

Volunteers don’t need to have any experience, and the team at Woodgreen will provide training on everything you need to know and will be on hand at every step of the way if you have any questions or concerns.

To find out more and apply to be a ‘moggy midwife’, visit