Woman taken to hospital after crashing car into back of builder’s truck

AN ELDERLY woman has been taken to hospital after crashing into the back of a builder’s truck in Huntingdon town centre.

The woman, driving a Volkswagen Polo, suffered back and “whiplash-like” injuries in the crash on St Mary’s Street, at around 1.45pm today.

Richard Taylor, from Brampton General Builders, was working on a roof when he saw the accident take place.

“The driver swerved to avoid a car and went up onto the pavement and she seemed to speed up into the back of the truck,” he said. “I rushed down and saw there were small flames coming from the engine so I got her out of the car and sat her down.

“She was shaking and in shock when we got down to see her.”

His boss Paul Holden, rushed over to Hunts Antiques and Collectables opposite to get a fire extinguisher to put the fire out.

He said: “My van has been moved at least five metres forward from the shunt. She must have hit it with some force.”

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The road, into the town centre, was closed for about half an hour.