Woman’s shock after ‘racial attack’ at fast-food restaurant


- Credit: Archant

A woman has described an argument at a fast-food restaurant’s drive-thru after ethnic taunts were allegedly hurled at her by a member of staff.

Offensive language and other racist references were allegedly shouted at Sofia Ashraf at McDonalds, in Tower Fields Leisure Park, Huntingdon, on November 13, after she waited to be served at the outlet.

“Me and my friend, Yasmin Iskin, went to McDonalds about 11am and waited at the speaker, but there was no response for over a minute so we drove round to the first window,” said Ms Ashraf, of Brampton Road, Huntingdon.

As they reached the window the pair saw a member of staff was coming to the counter and putting on his headset.

The McDonalds worker then told Ms Ashraf that she would have to ‘drive round again’.

“There was no one behind me that I was aware of so it would have taken me longer and we had been waiting; but he then said to me ‘you aren’t getting served here’.

“After he refused to serve us I asked to speak to his manager and his manager said they would serve me here, and he [drive-thru worker] then shouted ‘no it’s the principle’.”

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Racial slurs and religious smears were allegedly yelled at Ms Ashraf which were finished with the worker saying “get out of my country”.

“He tried to get through his manager to get to us. I am quite upset about it as I didn’t understand what his problem was with us – I didn’t know him from anywhere.

“I have lived here all my life and I have never experienced that level of abuse – I’m just so shocked.”

The 26-year-old was asked into the restaurant by the manager where the attack continued.

“He still proceeded from the back of the branch and shouted more words at me.”

According to Ms Ashraf the member of staff was sent home and an investigation was launched into the incident.

A McDonald’s spokesman told The Hunts Post: “We take incidents like this extremely seriously. The employee involved was immediately suspended and an investigation into this incident is under way. Our customer services team are in touch with Ms Ashraf.”

Police are currently investigating the incident and are appealing for information.