Woman ‘nearly killed’ after car hit her mobility scooter on Huntingdon ring road

Huntingdon resident Julia Edden was crossing the ring road when a car went through a red light and s

Huntingdon resident Julia Edden was crossing the ring road when a car went through a red light and smashes in to her - Credit: Archant

A WOMAN claims she was nearly killed when a car hit her mobility scooter as she was crossing Huntingdon ring road.

Julia Edden, 62, said she was at the Cowper Road junction at just after 12.30pm last Tuesday (August 13) when a cream/silver Hyundai Getz drove through a red light and crashed into her scooter, spinning it around 90 degrees.

The car left the scene, leaving Mrs Edden with a damaged shoulder and fractures to bones in her wrist. The scooter’s front right wheel was knocked inwards and damage was caused to its lights and bumper.

Mrs Edden, who lives in Huntingdon, told The Hunts Post: “It was a green light for me and a red light for the ring road, so I was able to cross. They must have been going more than 30mph as the car managed to turn a 120kg scooter with me on it like a leaf. Luckily I didn’t fall out.

“Obviously there was no stopping them, they didn’t brake or swerve. The police told me if I was a foot further forward I would have been killed.

“There was a taxi driver on Cowper Road and a person stopped on the ring road – they were very helpful and looked after me.”

Mrs Edden said that she had lost her independence as the scooter was her only way of getting around. “When my husband Keith took me into town to go shopping at the weekend, we drove past Cowper Road and I froze at the thought I would have to cross it again,” she added.

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Mrs Edden has put up a “substantial reward” for information that leads to the successful conviction of the driver.

“They are dangerous at driving and they really need to get off the road,” Mrs Edden added. Police confirmed that they are investigating the incident.

INFORMATION: If you can help trace the driver of the car, call Cambridgeshire police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111, quoting reference incident number 197 on August 13.