Woman believes drink was spiked in St Neots

AN EYNESBURY woman who believes her drink was spiked is warning other pub-goers to be on their guard.

AN EYNESBURY woman who believes her drink was spiked is warning other pub-goers to be on their guard.

Charlotte Powell, 29, said she was left distraught after what should have been a quiet drink with friends turned into a “nightmare”.

She said she had no recollection of events after 11.50pm on Saturday, August 6, and turned into a “possessed devil”, according to friends.

“I could understand it if I’d been out drinking since 6pm, knocking back shots, but I had only been out since 10.15pm and had three glasses of white wine,” she told The Hunts Post.

Miss Powell, of Wintringham Road, Eynesbury, said she had had a glass of wine with two friends at home before the trio moved to the Weeping Ash pub in New Street.

They had another glass of wine each and decided to go to the Priory in Market Square.

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“I ordered a round of drinks at the bar, and while they were being poured I turned around and talked to friends. I paid for the drinks, got my glass of wine and started walking towards the toilets. I don’t remember anything from that point.”

Miss Powell, whose behaviour that night resulted in her being barred from the Priory, became “violent and abusive” and had to be pinned down by bouncers. She reported the incident to Cambridgeshire police the following morning.

“I was fighting everyone who got in my way,” she said. “I repeatedly hit and punched my boyfriend in the face, pulled out some hair from a girl I know really well and hit and bit a friend who was trying to restrain me.”

Her best friend, Lisa Grundman, 26, who was out with Miss Powell on the night, said: “I’ve known Charlie for 10 years and lived with her for five, and I have never seen her behave like that.

“It just wasn’t her – she was angry and aggressive – she had this blank, crazed expression on her face – it definitely wasn’t from drink.

“It was just so out of character.”

Miss Powell said the whole incident had traumatised her so much that she could no longer face going out.

St Neots Section Inspector Mark Greenhalgh confirmed that officers had spoken with Miss Powell, and warned that “positive action” would be taken towards offenders who spiked drinks.

Miss Powell is now urging people to be extra vigilant on a night out.

“You have to be really aware now,” she said. “People need to be much more conscious of everything and keep an eye on their drinks.”