Is it time to scrap face masks? People in Huntingdonshire don't think so

Is it time to scrap face masks? People in Huntingdonshire don't think so

Face masks will still be worn by most of our readers after July 19. - Credit: Archant

People in Huntingdonshire say they will continue to wear face masks in shops and on public transport to “protect the vulnerable”. 

Almost 200 people shared their views in our latest readers opinion post on Facebook. 

It comes as covid rules – including limits on the number of people who can meet together and social distancing in pubs and bars – will be ditched on July 19. 

The majority of those who commented on our post said they would continue to wear face coverings/masks in waiting rooms, crowded shops and on the bus or train. 

Shelley Bennett: “Definitely!! Even people who have had two jabs are still getting covid and feeling rubbish with it, so will continue to avoid getting it and masks will add a bit of protection, from other germs too!” 

Pat Alden-Smith: “Yes, if I am in an enclosed place with strangers, such as shops or a taxi. You can pass it on without having symptoms.  

“Those who wish not to continue with the precautions we have had to carry out will put a lot of vulnerable people at risk without even knowing.” 

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Debbie Armstrong: “Yes I will still be wearing one for the safety of my family especially my mum as she is poorly enough now.” 

Emma Saunders: “Yes definitely in shops etc, not only to protect me but to protect other people too.” 

Mave Yaxley: “Definitely in shops and crowded places. I will also keep my distance from most people.” 

Wendy Thrower: “Yes I will still be wearing my mask and it won't come off unless I feel it is safe to.” 

However, not everyone was keen to continue to wear a mask once all legal restrictions were lifted. 

Others said that they preferred to use their own judgement and decide when faced with different situations, while others were a clear “no”. 

Rita Murphy said: “Without covid, if people have a cold should wear a mask stop coughing n spluttering in people faces....I won’t be wearing one. 

"People get ill with the air con from the car blowing bacteria about and enclosed spaces with heating on.”