WI members bare (nearly) all in A1 campaign video

Buckden WI are making a roundabout campaign song, (front) pianist SheilaMurdoch

Buckden WI are making a roundabout campaign song, (front) pianist SheilaMurdoch - Credit: Archant

BUCKDEN WI members have bared nearly all in their campaign to draw attention to the need for safety improvements on the A1 - and they hope to have caught the eye of David Cameron.

A video of them singing their own version of the organisation’s adopted anthem Jerusalem was posted on the internet this week.

It also includes two members, Buckden’s very own calendar girls Anne Spreckley and Chrissie Hickey, covering their dignity with strategically-placed iced buns.

The new words were an appeal to drivers to slow down on the approach to the roundabout at Buckden, which villagers find difficult to negotiate due to the speed of traffic.

The film, made mid-way through this week’s monthly meeting, was put on YouTube and it is hoped the stunt will result in maximum publicity.

Branch president Pat King said: “We did it in two takes. The first time, one of the ladies’ cherries fell off the bun. It was hilarious.”

The Prime Minister is among the people who have been sent a link to the footage, along with Stephen Fry, comedian Dara O Briain and the One Show.

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“I am hoping David Cameron will say ‘What’s all this about?’ and get on to the transport minister and they will then get on the the Highways Agency for us,” said Mrs King.

“They’ve been having meetings for donkey’s years and there has been no conclusion. We need to get things moving.”

Mrs King said the WI needed very little encouragement to join in, particularly the two who stripped off. “They were braver than I told them to be,” she added. “As soon as I mentioned it they were up for it. The other ladies didn’t bat an eyelid. They thought it was brilliant.”

The video was shot by Mrs King’s husband Brian and had been watched by at least 100 people within 24 hours of going online. It also features characters from children’s TV classic the Magic Roundabout reminding motorists to slow down at Buckden’s roundabout, and Mrs King hopes it does the trick.

“It’s a light-hearted way of getting attention for a very serious problem,” she said.