Become the best ‘grow your own’ gardener with this organic fertiliser and learn how it can help you care for your plants

By nature, for nature. Picture: PlantGrow

By nature, for nature. Picture: PlantGrow - Credit: Archant

Did you know there are waiting lists for people to join allotments these days?

As more and more people are getting involved with the 'grow your own' culture we thought it was important for novices to know the best way to achieve their gardening goals. We talked to PlantGrow operations manager Daniel Suggitt to find out why you should be using a fertiliser on your garden and why an organic fertiliser should be your first choice.

Why should people be using fertiliser on their gardens?

It's vital for your plant's health. Fertilisers contain potassium, nitrogen and phosphorous. You need these to keep your garden green and to help your plants absorb the nutrients they need to grow. You'll soon see the difference using fertiliser on your garden makes, within a couple of weeks your plants will look happier and healthier.

Get involved and start your own vegetable patch. Picture: PlantGrow

Get involved and start your own vegetable patch. Picture: PlantGrow - Credit: Archant

Can you leave your garden untreated by fertiliser?

Yes of course, but you'll probably be left wondering why some of your plants are looking a little lacklustre and lifeless. And then there's damage below ground.

A slow-releasing fertiliser like PlantGrow is also replenishing the areas of the garden you don't see. It works its way into the soil and replaces the nutrients and minerals that your plants have drunk. Plants are greedy, you need to make sure you top up their food source every once in a while.

The fertiliser works its way into the soil and replaces the nutrients that your plants have drunk. P

The fertiliser works its way into the soil and replaces the nutrients that your plants have drunk. Picture: PlantGrow - Credit: Archant

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Is it important to care for your soil as well as the plants?

Definitely, for any novice gardeners it's a good thing to remember - don't just focus on your plants - use the fertiliser to help protect your soil in winter and prepare it for planting in spring. Layering the top layer of soil with PlantGrow soil conditioner will help it lock in moisture and repair its damaged structure.

What if I want to create a natural, wildlife garden to attract that insects and bees? Will using fertiliser affect wildlife?

An organic, all-natural fertiliser doesn't contain any chemical or peat so it's safe for wildlife, kids and pets. Even in the summer months when the kids are playing and running around on the grass, the fertiliser's fine to use. It's the ideal formula for a gardener to create a natural, wildlife paradise.

For someone new to gardening, is the fertiliser easy to use?

Using an organic fertiliser like PlantGrow is better that using a chemical fertiliser. If you overuse a chemical fertiliser you can kill your plant, but as there are no harsh chemicals in PlantGrow there's no need for that kind of precision. You can use it whenever you feel is best. It's easy to apply and can be done at any time of year, so it's the ideal thing for novice gardeners to use - once you see your garden blooming, you'll feel more confident and will want to try growing even more.

Are you surprised that people are waiting to join allotments?

Honestly, it doesn't surprise me. We speak with a lot of customers who are interested in using PlantGrow to get their vegetable patches and herb beds started. The 'grow your own' trend is really on the rise. People are more interested in knowing where their food has come from and how it's been made. We're trying to take better care of our planet and these questions are becoming more important - which I think is great.

Taking care of the planet is important to PlantGrow, isn't it?

We believe nature holds the answers, so we believe it should be protected. PlantGrow is produced sustainably using renewable energy. It's made from 100pc natural ingredients from biodegradable plant matter. In our process, we even convert the excess energy back into electricity that we feed back in to the national grid. It's our company philosophy that we are 'by nature, for nature.'

If any gardeners are interested in getting their hands on a bottle or bag of PlantGrow where can they go?

We have a list of stockists available on our website and that's constantly growing. You can also give us a call and we'll do our best to help.

If you're a beginner gardener who isn't sure of the best way to care for your plants and could do with some advice call 01953 525 001 to speak with a member of the team or visit