An employment tribunal brought by Look East journalist Sally Chidzoy against the BBC concluded abruptly on Monday with the claim struck out.

The move came after almost a day of behind closed doors discussions on Monday between the legal representatives of all parties.

But why the case at Cambridge Magistrates Court was struck out remained unclear on Tuesday.

The BBC has declined to say, and Miss Chidzoy's lawyers have not commented.

The Employment Tribunal Centre in Huntingdonshire said the panel had four weeks to send them their judgement at which point the reasons should become known.

Miss Chidzoy had taken the BBC to tribunal claiming she had been victimised, harassed and sexually discriminated against after raising concerns about the BBC's editorial independence.

The tribunal had been running for a week.

A BBC spokesperson said: “The case against the BBC has been struck out by the tribunal”. They refused to comment further.

Miss Chidzoy, 56, has worked for the BBC for 30 years and is a familiar face on Look East.

She is currently the BBC's home affairs correspondent for the East of England.