Spending time with loved ones, live music and hugs top of the list for what we miss in Huntingdonshire pre-pandemic life

Readers share what they miss the most from pre-lockdown life. Picture: Andrew Milligan / PA Wire / P

Readers share what they miss the most from pre-lockdown life. Picture: Andrew Milligan / PA Wire / PA Images. - Credit: Archant

Family, hugs, holidays and live music are top of the list for what people in Huntingdonshire have missed since the start of lockdown, a survey found.

Readers said spending time with loved ones and having “anxiety free days” were the main things they enjoyed in life pre-pandemic.

It comes as prime minister Boris Johnson said the UK had reached “a perilous turning point” last week, as he set out a raft of new coronavirus restrictions which could last for up to six months.

Hunts Post readers shared their thoughts on what they missed the most.

Charlotte Vella said: “Being able to plan ahead with confidence that said plans will come to fruition.”

Natalie Page-Stockdale said: “I miss all of my family being together.”

Nicky Warnock said: “Family, working and live music.”

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Ariane Balles added: “Anxiety free days, baby groups and not wearing a mask.”

People also expressed fears about making plans for Christmas and how to organise socially-distanced gatherings to still be able to spend time with family and friends.

It comes as pubs, bars, restaurants and other hospitality venues in England now close at 10pm, to help curb the spread of coronavirus.

Health minister Helen Whately said people will have to make their own judgments on whether to inform on neighbours who break coronavirus rules.

“Everyone will make their own judgments,” she told Sky News, this morning (September 28).

“If you see that there’s a marquee in someone’s garden, there’s a huge party going on, you are probably going to take action about that because that is clearly a risk of spreading the virus.”

When Hunts Post readers were asked what they felt about the new virus restrictions; it was a mixed response.

One person said: “Now I know that coronavirus can tell the time, that helps.... Clearly it emerges after 10pm...”

While another added: “As far as working from home, this is perfect - I feel healthier for not having the commute and doing the same work from home.”

It is now nearly 10 months after the news began to emerge about coronavirus cases in Wuhan, China.

The world’s coronavirus death toll nears one million, with the US, Brazil and India making up nearly half of the total, according to Johns Hopkins University.