What issues matter to you? Take part in our General Election 2015 survey

Archant General Election Survey

Archant General Election Survey - Credit: Archant

With a month to go before the 2015 General Election we want to know your views.

For the next few days we are running a General Election survey of visitors to our website on a range of key issues.

These include; the impact the current government has had on your life, whether your vote is still up for grabs and what you think are the most important issues for the prospective parties to look at.

We also want you to identify the one change, law or policy you want the new government to implement.

The results will then be published and analysed in our print tiles.

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In our poll we deliberately haven’t asked who you will vote for in order to ensure the poll is not hijacked by any particular party.

Scroll down to take part.

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