“We made it” - Huntingdon Magpas cyclists arrive at Edinburgh

A HUNTINGDON fundraiser who made her way to Edinburgh Castle from Huntingdon by bike in honour of the charity which helped save her husband’s life, said she is gearing up for her new challenge.

Louise Bocking and family friend Barry Stratford arrived at the iconic site on Friday after cycling 600km from Louise’s front door in Stukeley Meadows, Huntingdon.

The pair spent five days on the road, and were joined for the last 110km by Louise’s husband David. The couple’s twin daughters Lauren and Olivia also met their parents and Barry for the final stretch to the castle.

Louise, 29, said the worst part of the journey had been as they neared Scotland. “Nothing in this area can prepare you for the hills. I have never known anything to be so hard in my life. It is so hard to get back on your bike when you feel like you are broken.”

She and Barry are already discussing their next fundraising venture, but Louise has vowed - “It won’t be cycling. I have had enough of bikes.”

The joint trek has raised more than �3,000 for emergency medical charity Magpas, but donations are still coming in.

Magpas medics were among the first people on the scene when David was seriously injured by a speeding car while riding his motorbike 15 years ago.

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David, 38, who lost two-and-a-half inches of bone from his leg following the incident, said he also found the going tough.

“I have never, ever done anything like that. I got a glimpse of what it was like for Louise and Barry. But you realise that you can push yourself hard and you just re-group.”

INFORMATION: Donations can still be made by going to www.justgiving.com/magpasride