Warning from crews after inconsiderate parking blocks fire engine

The fire engine found itself stuck in St Ives.

The fire engine found itself stuck in St Ives. - Credit: Archant

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service has urged people to think twice when parking in town centres after a crew found itself stuck in St Ives.

Firefighters attempted to pass along Bridge Street last Wednesday (August 23) when they found themselves stuck between two cars which hadn’t left enough space between them.

Watch commander Phil Thacker said: “We were stuck between two cars for about seven to eight minutes and there was a huge line of vehicles behind us.

“We did try and find the owners of the vehicles but no-one was about and in the end we had to ask all the vehicles behind us to reverse so we could reverse all the way back through town.”a

Fortunately, the crew was conducting routine access checks when the incident occurred, rather than attending to an emergency,

A spokesman for the service urged motorists to remember to leave enough space for emergency vehicles to pass when parking up in the street.