Ramsey artist has created a colouring project for children and the community

Si Mitchell's Wall art on a wall in Ramsey

Si Mitchell's Wall art on a wall in Ramsey PICTURE: Jay Brewer - Credit: Jay Brewer

Colouring project in Ramsey to entertain people on their daily walks.

A colouring project has been designed by an artist in Ramsey for children and the community.

Si Mitchell has created a wall design in the middle of the town to encourage children to take a photo of it and then print it out to colour at home.

Mr Mitchell has also been giving out free download links to his artwork for people to colour and he has been doing this every day for the last couple of weeks, to provide a fun activity for children and adults to take part in, during the lockdown.

He said: “When I went on a run the other day, I noticed a huge white board had been erected in town.

“I came up with the idea to do a huge local colouring page and contacted the owner, to explain my idea.

“Basically it is for the community, to take a picture when they go for their daily walk which they could colour at home by printing it out or on the computer.

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“Or they could draw it themselves, basically a community colouring page and when the lockdown has finished, it can be coloured in.

“I wanted to thank everyone for doing their bit, especially the NHS and every single person who is working and taking this seriously, you are being amazing.”

Residents in the community have said it has “brightened their day”.

Jay Brewer, from Ramsey, said: “Following government guidelines, Graham and I walk through our town each day for an hour.

“As you can imagine after three weeks this gets a bit dull, but we were delighted this week to walk down the Great White and see this new bill board.

“It’s such a joy to see others sharing their gifts for the whole community to use.

“I hope that the residents of Ramsey feel the same and we start to see lots of lovely coloured pictures produced as requested by the artist.”