St Ives Park and Ride has been given a makeover, thanks to the hard work of dedicated volunteers and a little assistance from Mick George.

The company, based in Huntingdon, has supported the annual makeover for two years, providing materials and manpower to help to improve the planting and shrubbery that lines the entrance to the car park.

In the latest round of work, 12 large planters were cleared of ivy and brambles, before being filled with materials ahead of the planting.

To complete the project, gravel was utilised to mulch around the plants. Informative signage was also added. The work was completed by volunteers from St Ives in Bloom.

The donation of materials was valued at about £1,500, with Mick George supplying three skips, 15 tonnes of topsoil and six tonnes of gravel.

Jon Stump, finance director at Mick George, said: "The visual transformation on site is remarkable and makes the experience a far more enjoyable one for those using it."