Volunteer rescues kitten from Cambridgeshire lake

A 10-week-old tabby kitten was rescued from a Cambridgeshire lake by a quick-thinking volunteer.

A 10-week-old tabby kitten was rescued from a Cambridgeshire lake by a quick-thinking volunteer.

Wood Green Animal Shelter volunteer Kaye Kennedy, 45, was walking along the fishing lakes in Cambourne on Thursday afternoon when she heard a little squeak coming from the water.

On closer inspection Kaye realised there was a kitten trying to scramble up the bank of the lake. She managed to reach down and grab hold of the kitten, who was very wet and cold, but it ran off and started climbing up a nearby tree.

With the help of a few Cambourne residents, the kitten was brought down to safety.

Kaye, who named the kitten Fifi, took the kitten to her home to warm her up and feed her, before bringing her to the Godmanchester Shelter on Friday.

Sadly Fifi hasn’t been micro-chipped and it is believed she had been dumped by the lake by her previous owners.

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She has been checked by a vet. She will be wormed, given flea treatment and inoculated, ready to be re-homed.

Kaye, who has been a volunteer at the Godmanchester Shelter for a year, said: “When I first heard the squeak, I didn’t think much of it. But as I bent down, I could see her. She looked tired from where she was trying to get out of the water and up the bank. She was so cold and wet so my priority was to wrap her up and keep her warm.

“To dump a pet like Fifi by the lake and close to a busy road is just terrible. If people want to give up their pets, there are other options like animal shelters like ourselves rather than abandoning them. It is lucky that Fifi didn’t drown or wasn’t struck by a car.”

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