Volunteer opportunities at Huntingdon’s HCRfm

ASPIRING radio producers and presenters are welcome at Huntingdon’s newest station.

ASPIRING radio producers and presenters are welcome at Huntingdon’s newest station.

HCRfm launched last week on 104FM, and aims to offer community news, views, arts, political and youth programming, as well as its own soap, Huntsford.

To help make HCRfm a true voice for Huntingdon, the station is looking for volunteers interested in helping with production, presenting, writing and acting.

David Brockman, executive producer at HCRfm, said the station would welcome volunteers from all walks of life.

“People starting at the station will be eased in and given the help and guidance they need. Then as their competence grows, if they want to present they will be given the opportunity.

“People often come in as producers and migrate to the presenting side once they have more experience.

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“However, if someone comes in and already has a lot of experience they may be ready to become a presenter straight away.”

There are opportunities to get involved in Over to You, HCRfm’s regular community affairs programme.

“We may pair up younger and older people to mix up the ages and help them to learn from each other.

“We already have StudentZone on Sunday mornings which has been going quite well, and has gone up from an hour to two hours, and Over to You will be produced by the StudentZone team.”

The time commitment is up to the individual, but volunteers should be prepared to spend at least four hours a week at the station.

Mr Brockman also confirmed that HCRfm’s own soap, Huntsford, will make its long-awaited debut on Monday morning (May 9).

Three five-minute episodes of the soap will be aired every week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, with a repeat on Sunday.

“There are opportunities for people who are interested in the writing and acting side of things to get involved with Huntsford, so we are happy to hear from all volunteers,” added Mr Brockman.