AN elderly disabled woman was overjoyed after a team of volunteers cleared her overgrown garden, hacking back the weeds which in some places had reached four metres high.

Sheila Weale, 37, was one of a large number of people who responded to last week's appeal in The Hunts Post to help 81-year-old Joan Reeves, who has only one arm. Her garden was so overgrown that she feared for her safety and struggled to put out her washing.

Ms Weale turned to Facebook, asking for help on the Spotted in Huntingdon page, and after numerous responses a team of helpers headed to Miss Reeves' home in Coldhams South on Saturday (July 27) to clear and tidy her garden.

Following the weekend's efforts, Ms Weale, of Church Lane, Hilton, said: "I am a care worker in the community and I like helping those who can't help themselves.

"I saw the story in The Hunts Post and then posted on to Facebook to see if anyone else could help. It didn't matter as I would have done it on my own but we got a lot of response.

"There were nine of us altogether and nobody knew each other. There was a professional gardener who brought his boy along and there was a girl aged 15 or 16, so it wasn't just adults. It was a nice community thing for us to do."

She added: "On the Sunday I went to the garden centre in St Ives and the owner said feel free to take whatever I needed. He gave around £300 to £400-worth of garden pots, ornaments and a bench. I found out [Miss Reeves] liked dogs and birds, so I got some dog ornaments and a bird table.

"When I came back on the Sunday she was putting washing on the line. She said she was glad to be able to do it again. I was so happy to see her doing that.

"It's made everyone else who took part happy as well. The gardener has also offered to keep it maintained."

Miss Reeves said: "I was surprised when they came on Saturday. I am very grateful for what they have done. The garden looks fantastic."

Her plight featured in last week's paper after she explained she had been on a waiting list for two years to get help from a gardening scheme run by social landlord Luminus.