Volunteer helping to deliver medicines says he will face prison rather than pay parking fine

Ste Greenall holding up a parking ticket that was issued to a key worker PICTURE: Ste G

Ste Greenall holding up a parking ticket that was issued to a key worker PICTURE: Ste Greenall - Credit: Ste Greenall

A volunteer driver who received a parking ticket while he was supporting an NHS frontline worker to deliver vital medicines in the community says he will face prison rather than pay the fine.

The driver, who does not want to be identified, stopped on a road in Huntingdon in mid-April, but never left the vehicle and kept the engine running while his colleague dropped off prescriptions.

He received a parking ticket on April 17 from the National Parking Enforcement Ltd and promptly appealed, but even after explaining his vital work to the company, his appeal was turned down.

“I do not believe I should have to pay this fine, we were helping people who really needed our help.

“It is not about the money, it’s about the principle and I am prepared to take it as far as I can, I am prepared to go to prison. It’s not just for us but others like us. I am ashamed that we are living with these human beings.”

Frustrated at the lack of understanding, he contact Ste Greenall, breakfast show presenter at Black Cat Radio, in St Neots, and asked for help.

Ste said: “I just felt so angry for the volunteer, the parking company should be supporting frontline workers who are saving lives, at risk to their own.

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“The driver told me what he wrote in the first appeal he had sent to the parking company.

“He said that the vehicle was not parked, the driver did not switch off the engine, as it was taking another frontline worker, to deliver a life changing delivery to a person in self isolation.

“For the personal safety of the worker, the car waited at the nearest point where it would not cause an obstruction.

“The parking company even sent the driver CCTV images clearly showing that the driver was not causing an obstruction.

“The volunteer driver parked on a road, not in a car park and asked the company to cancel the PCN, after explaining to them the reason why they had stopped on the road.”

“But it was rejected and I have now made a second appeal on April 22 on their behalf with their permission.

“The company has now told me that the case has been taken to the next stage through the Independent Appeals Service and we now wait for their response.”

Ste said if their second appeal is rejected, he will be starting a fundraising appeal, where he will put in £10 and then ask five other Black Cat Radio listeners to donate £10 so the volunteer driver does not have to pay the parking ticket charge.

In a statement, Black Cat Radio was told by the parking company the area of land where the volunteer stopped was private land and no stopping or parking is permitted there at any time.