A new “#viralkindness” postcard idea is being taken up in Huntingdonshire to and people who are self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic.

People around the district are printing out postcards (pictured) and placing them through the neighbours doors in an effort to help those who may be self isolating.

The cards were originally created by a Cornwall woman, Becky Wass, and have now gone viral on social media. They aim to allow people to offer help to their neighbours.

The cards are designed to be a contact-free way to help, with items being left on doorsteps and requests made over the phone.

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The cards read: ‘Hello! If you are self-isolating, I can help,’ with spaces for a name, address, phone number and possible tasks people might need help with, including ‘picking up shopping’ and ‘a friendly phone call’.

As part of the unknown current climate, The Hunts Post is now encouraging people to cut out the postcard from the newspaper and place it through their neighbours door.

Editor, Debbie Davies said: “We know how important community spirit is, and how amazing the residents of Huntingdonshire are which is why we are encouraging people to help their neighbours as much as they can.

“Please do take the opportunity up to cut out the image from the newspaper and place it through your neighbours door. Even if you can just provide a number for them to chat to you on, this is vital to help those who need it. We also must point out that coronavirus is contagious, so try and take shopping orders over the phone, or leave shopping on the doorstep and ring the doorbell. Please make sure that you follow current government advice in terms of social contact. Most advice can be found on the Public Health England website. ”

The news comes after the Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that “shielding” elderly and vulnerable people might be necessary, meaning that they are kept apart from the wider population and asking entire families to self-isolate.

Latest guidance from the Government issued on Monday (March 16) advised people in the “high risk” category to social-distance themselves.