Villagers call meeting to discuss ‘traffic issues’ in parish

Villagers are concerned about traffic in Grafham Picture: GOOGLE

Villagers are concerned about traffic in Grafham Picture: GOOGLE - Credit: Archant

A public meeting was held in Grafham to discuss complaints made about traffic caused by the A14 upgrade project.

Residents in Grafham have raised concerns after seeing an increase in the volume of traffic and HGVs passing through the village.

Chris Bulow is one of the residents who decided to hold the meeting, in the hope of getting Grafham Parish Council onboard.

Mr Bulow said: “A number of villagers have already expressed concern at the traffic issues in Grafham, including the speed and the increased numbers [of vehicles] that affects particularly the Perry end of the village, but the spill over effects are of concern to all residents and visitors to the village.

“We have already undertaken an online survey and of the 60 plus respondents more than 80 per cent agreed that they were concerned at the road safety and 90 per cent felt more needed to be done to improve road safety in the village.

“What we want to do is present the data to everyone at the meeting, especially the parish council. Then we want to look at different ways that we can solve the problem.”

The meeting was set to discuss three points; the speed of everyday traffic along the main road through Grafham; the night time volume of traffic including large HGVs; and the third being what can be done about it.

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Mr Bulow said: “There are a number of options available to hopefully help mitigate these problems and we will be explaining these, exploring what each means and seeing what support there is from the village for each option.

“As an example, the parish council is already looking at the possibility of reducing the speed limit to 20mph and Councillor Daren Tysoe is exploring whether HGV weight limits can be reduced in Grafham and surrounding areas.”

Mr Bulow added: “We want to look into getting a chicane put in and start looking at funding. I know that the A14 works will be finished in 2020 but that is still a long time away. We have also been having the problem with speeding in the village ongoing for a while now, so would be great to try and reduce it as much as possible.”

The meeting was held on Tuesday at the Grafham Village Hall.

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