CUSTOMERS at a Huntingdonshire village post office can pick up a stamp, tax disc … and now a holiday.

Warboys sub post office has become one of the first in the country to provide a home for a ‘mini travel agency’.

Postcard Travel, run through Stewart Travel Limited, offers a wide range of holidays from weekend breaks, cruises, package holidays to overnight stays.

The post office, run by Mike Pierce, will have high-tech computerised kiosks, with integrated TV screens which will offer exclusive travel offers.

Mr Pierce said: “I was selected as one of just 50 out of 9,000 sub postmasters nationwide for the project and I’m really delighted to be able to offer this service to my customers.

“It is important, that if I am to continue to provide valuable services in our community, that the public support this initiative.”

Duncan Wilson, CEO of Stewart Travel, said: “We will work very hard with our suppliers to provide the very best exclusive offers to business people like Mike.

“We are putting this kiosk exclusively into sub post offices as we want to help them improve their viability so that they can continue to provide the valuable community services they offer.”