VIDEO: Motorcyclist caught speeding at 156mph on A1 near Huntingdon

A MOTORCYCLIST caught riding at 156 mph on the A1 at Brampton has been banned from driving.

Officers spotted Peter Clarke, 44, undertaking vehicles on his Suzuki at about 4.15pm on May 12 last year. They stopped the rider at Sawtry after catching him at double the speed limit.

Clarke, of Broadgate, Sutton St Edmund, admitted speeding but denied dangerous driving at Peterborough Crown Court.

He was convicted of dangerous driving following a trial, and was banned from driving for 18 months, fined �1,000, ordered to pay �1,000 court courts and �15 victim surcharge today (Wednesday)

PC Francis Crawford said: “Excessive speed on the roads, no matter how competent a driver you believe you are, is not acceptable and will not be tolerated by police.

“Our priority is to keep all road users safe and prevent deaths and serious injuries, clearly someone travelling at more than twice the legal speed limit put not only themselves, but also other motorists, at grave risk of harm.

“Speed limits are set for a reason and any momentary lapse in concentration or sudden movement by this motorcyclist or other motorists travelling on that stretch of road could easily resulted in someone being killed. Peter Clarke’s actions on the day were highly dangerous and we’re pleased that has been recognised by the court.

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“Anyone thinking of driving or riding at such speeds should be under no illusion, we will catch them and put them before the courts.”