VIDEO: Huntingdonshire WI group to film song to help A1 campaign

Buckden WI are making a roundabout campaign song, (front) pianist SheilaMurdoch

Buckden WI are making a roundabout campaign song, (front) pianist SheilaMurdoch - Credit: Archant

WOMEN’S Institute members are to be filmed singing a song about the dangers of using the A1 roundabout at Buckden to the tune of the movement’s adopted anthem.

The Buckden branch belts out a rendition of Jerusalem at the beginning of each of its meetings.

Next month, it will do the same but the words have been changed to fit its campaign for safety improvements – and members hope that posting it on the internet will give the cause maximum publicity.

Branch president Pat King came up with the new version with help from fellow WI member Angela Christofi. “We want to keep highlighting that the A1 needs attention,” she said. “I was talking to younger people who said the thing to do is to get things viral on YouTube. We want to bring the WI into the 21st Century and remind people that it is not all just older people.”

Mrs King, who admitted she was not very musical, came up with the idea while lying in bed and passed her lyrics to her friend Angela who edited them to make them fit the tune.

As well as the song, the stunt is set to include Buckden’s take on Calendar Girls, the film which saw WI members strip off for a charity calendar, as well as characters from the Magic Roundabout children’s TV programme.

“I have two ladies who are willing to wear flesh-coloured bikini tops and jump up in the middle of it with strategically-placed iced buns with cherries on top,” said Mrs King.

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“And to highlight the idea of the song being about a roundabout, we’re going to get some big Magic Roundabout figures printed for people to wave around.”

Mrs King’s husband Brian will film the performance when the group, usually at least 50-strong, meets at Buckden Primary School on May 7.

“It’s our resolutions meeting, when we support something country-wide, so it’s a meeting when we will be discussing issues anyway,” added Mrs King. “This year it’s about supporting local shops.

“It’s a social evening, so we will have wine, which will help.”