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Share information, advice and opinions with your neighbours on – the exciting new social network brought to you by us!

Do you have something to say or ask about your area?

Maybe there’s an issue that concerns or frustrates you, or something you enjoy locally that you’d like to talk about?

We have teamed up with to provide our readers with a simple place to voice opinions and share practical information and advice with people living nearby.

The local social network is a new addition to our websites that connects you with your neighbours so you can swap recommendations, alert people to important news, discuss the things you love about Cambridgeshire, and have a little grumble about those you don’t.

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Catherine Gill, Digital Editor of Archant Herts & Cambs explained that it was like chatting over the garden fence but with lots of people, and at times that suited you.

“ makes it easy for people who lead busy lifestyles and those who are less mobile to become more involved locally – and better connected neighbours build stronger, safer and friendlier communities,” she said.

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Richard Avery, digital director of Archant Anglia, is excited about seeing readers engaging online.

“By pooling their knowledge and experience on, the people of Cambridgeshire will create a really useful and unique source of local intelligence and support, and that’s why we’re encouraging everyone to get involved and spread the word.”

Not only will your conversations be seen on, they’ll also be displayed on our website, and we’ll be featuring conversations and trending topics in the newspaper.

- Go to and sign up with your postcode and email address. It’s free and easy, and you’ll automatically be linked to the people and conversations where you live. You can post messages, events, polls and pictures, and locals will be able to respond. And you can help out your neighbours by sharing your knowledge, opinions and advice about the area.

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