A £1 million wind turbine – erected 11 years ago- is being allowed to burn itself out after being struck by lightning in the early hours of today.

wind turbine fire 6. PHOTO: Matt Benstead.wind turbine fire 6. PHOTO: Matt Benstead.

Fire crews are at the scene of the blaze at Ransonmoor wind farm near Doddington

Former fireman David Oldale, who woke up this morning to receive a phone call from his daughter who lives in a farm house next door to the wind turbine, said: "I would leave it it's too dangerous, I'd let it go.

"It started in the motor room where the turbine is at several hundred feet.

"It's gradually burning down the tower; all the bits are dropping off.

wind turbine fire 7. PHOTO: Matt Benstead.wind turbine fire 7. PHOTO: Matt Benstead.

"The fire crews are still here and I think they are going to let it burnt out, because there's nothing else they can do really."

One woman wrote on social media: "I can see it from my house, probably the lightning storm."

Cambs Fire and Rescue crews are currently at the scene.

Ransonmoor wind farm is located in the Fens of Cambridgeshire.

A fire has broken out at a wind turbine in the Fens. PHOTO: Mathew MasiarzA fire has broken out at a wind turbine in the Fens. PHOTO: Mathew Masiarz

Two years ago they hosted a family open day on the site and welcomed over 200 guests to participate in educational activities, ask questions of their team, learn about the ecology of the site and have a look inside the turbine door.

The Fenpower project generates enough power each year to supply the electricity needs of 6,600 UK homes and contributes annually to a community benefit fund to support a variety of valuable local initiatives.

In January, and ahead of a vote in the European Parliament on renewable energy targets, Alex Mayer MEP visited Ransonmoor Wind Farm.

The visit came after figures showing that 2017 was the greenest year since the Industrial Revolution for the UK, with onshore wind farms and renewable energy sources outproducing coal plants on more than 75 per cent of days of the year.

A fire has broken out at a wind turbine in the Fens. PHOTO:  Darren WojtowychA fire has broken out at a wind turbine in the Fens. PHOTO: Darren Wojtowych

The five turbines at the Ransonmoor site, in operation since 2007, produce 26 GWH of electricity per annum, enough to power 6,600 homes for a year.

The Euro MP met Matthew Clayton, managing director of Thrive Renewables.

Ms Mayer said: "It's great to get to see a wind turbine up close and clear up some of the misconceptions surrounding them.

"The success of wind farms in Fenland should be a source of inspiration. I called for us to build on our success and step up ambitious targets for renewable energy in 2030."