VIDEO: Animal rights protesters march through St Ives

ANIMAL rights protesters marched through St Ives on Saturday (March 17) in a ‘peaceful’ demonstration.

The National Anti-Vivisection Alliance (NAVA) was demonstrating against Harlan Laboratories, in Wyton, who breed beagles for research businesses.

Around 80 protesters met at the Harlan entrance, in Sawtry Way, at midday before moving to St Ives for speeches in Market Hill, and a march through the centre of the town.

The march started in Broadway before moving along to The Waits, St George’s Road, West Street, East Street, White Hart Lane, and Market Hill leading to Market Square where it ended at around 4pm.

Shop traders revealed last week they feared the march would affect trade.

A police spokesman confirmed their small operation went as planned and said no arrests were made in the “peaceful protest.