Victory: Company refund wrongly clamped drivers in St Ives

PEOPLE clamped when dropping items off to a charity shop in St Ives are being refunded after public outrage earlier in the week.

On Monday (January 30), Securak Ltd clamped at least five people who were dropping items off at the British Heart Foundation (BHF) in the Budgens private car park, off Oliver Road, but today (Friday) made a u-turn offering refunds to some of those hit by large fines.

Vanessa Roberts, manager at the BHF store in St Ives, thanked The Hunts Post for highlighting the issue which she believes helped change Securak bosses’ minds.

“It’s thanks to the press and the people who got together for them to start refunding people who were just dropping stuff off,” she said.

Steve Clark, who only stopped in the car park to answer his phone and was clamped, has had his ticket waived and has been refunded the clamping fee.

Steve Male, owner of the St Ives Budgens, said he had seen a drop in business and that he asked Securak to reconsider their position on clamping those donation items to the BHF. He said: “Obviously those who park in my bays are in the wrong and will still be charged but Securak are looking to make amends to those dropping items off.”